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Dye Sublimation Business ~ Upselling

Dye Sublimation Business ~ Upselling
You have probably heard people talk about “up-selling”. It’s a simple concept:
When a customer comes in and says he wants the cheapest thing you have, take him up to something with higher quality.

The truth is, most customers don’t really know what they want and certainly don’t know what is available. Usually all you have to do is show them better quality products and they will up-sell themselves. You know customers never tell the truth when they say they only have so much to spend. They almost always have more than they admit to. 

True story:
Customer came in, said she wanted a $30 plaque for a man retiring from a school board position after 30 years. I was half joking when I asked her, “you mean that after this guy has put up with all the griping and misery of being on the school board for 30 years, all they are going to give him is a lousy $30 plaque?” She didn’t even hesitate and said, “You’re right, what do you suggest?” I sold her a $125 clock and it was such a hit, I have sold her a dozen since then.   

Customers rarely really know what they want.
It is your job to guide them, educate them and encourage them. You don’t need to be pushy or condescending, just show them what’s available and let them decide – they will almost always up-sell themselves! If not, neither of you are any worse off.   

Conde, UNISUB, Dye-Trans, Vapor and many other manufacturers of sublimation products provide a host of high quality products for you to offer your customers. Unfortunately, the only way your customer can learn about these products and what they have to offer is through you so you must be salesperson, educator and sublimator.

Trust me, when you take on these roles, not only will your customers appreciate your effort, you will automatically up-sell, make more money and have a happier clientele.

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