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Dye Sublimation CorelDRAW Tips: Vertical Text

Dye Sublimation CorelDRAW Tips: Vertical Text
Ever need to create vertical text in a CorelDRAW project? Can’t find a font for that? You can make your own vertical text using any font in just seconds. However, not all fonts should be used for vertical text. Some will become a nightmare to read and make your work look less professional. Here are a few things to consider regarding vertical text:

1. Use upper case letters. For some reason, the eye can follow caps much easier than upper/lower text when used in a vertical format.
2. Avoid fancy fonts and italics. Although some specialty fonts do alright, most do not come out as lucky. Stay with the old standards like Arial and Times Roman.
3. Multiple “lines” of text can be done easily enough but be careful, they can be hard to read. 

To do vertical text, just type in your first letter, then return and type in the next. Repeat this until you have what you want. Still doesn’t look right There is one more step that makes all the difference. Select the entire line of text and click on center text just like it was an entire paragraph – which is what Corel thinks it is. Now the letters are entered on themselves and much easier to read plus pleasing to the eye.

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