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Decorated iPhone Covers Make Great Fundraisers - Dye Sublimation

Dye Sublimation Decorated iPhone Covers Make Great Fundraisers
iPhones are a hit. Millions of people have them, including hundreds of thousands of kids. The High Schools and Middle Schools are inundated with them.   

“So what” you say? Here’s what. \We are missing a huge opportunity to use these little covers as a fundraisers for schools, PTAs, sports programs and any other group that needs to make money for their cause.   

The cost of a finished iPhone cover is less than $5. I retail mine for $30 but many people are selling them for $40 - $50 because they are personalized. I offer mine to schools and other fund raising groups for $15 across the board. The group can charge whatever they want to. The price includes their logo or school mascot and their name.

So far as I am concerned they could also include a picture but most groups want to keep the order taking process as simple as possible so they look for a single, generic design.   

Sublimation, or Photo Gifting, is a great fundraiser for all kinds of groups. There is no money up front, they order only what they sell and the products are so unique, they probably can’t get them anywhere else in their town or city. On top of all that, these iPhone covers are so easy to make. Just print a piece of metal – that’s it. No special, complicated set ups or expensive jigs to buy. Just print a piece of die cut metal and stick it on the back of the phone cover.   

Although there are many combinations of iPhone covers you can offer (rubber or plastic; white, silver or gold metal and white, clear and black covers), encourage your reseller to offer only one combination and let that be whatever best compliments the school mascot or design. For example: I have one school whose colors are orange and black. Their mascot is a tiger. For them, I offered a combination of a black case with a gold metal cover completely over-printed in black except for the tiger.

The gold plate causes the tiger to almost jump off the plate!

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