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Dye Sublimation Name Badges That Advertise

Dye Sublimation Name Badges That Advertise
Do you ever hear this? “Name badges cost a lot of money”. Well, every major company in the world disagrees. Walk into any hotel, nice eatery, Disney World, or just about any other major company in the world and you will see one thing in common – everyone has on a name badge. Not a security badge, a name badge.   

Small businesses can be right, however. It can seem like all they do is order name badges for the fast turn-over of employees only to see some employees quit before they even get to wear their badge. Well, we can’t fix their employee turn-over problem but we can help them take their name badge cost from the “expense” column to the “asset” column by suggesting they add advertising to each badge.

It won’t work for every company but for eateries, retailers, and even wholesalers, it can make a world of difference – it can also increase your profits – but we will come back to that in a minute. 

Almost everyone in sales always has a special of some kind going on. A restaurant wants to sell more pie while an electronics retailer has a new “toy” that no one can live without. And don’t forget the health club and their annual membership drive.  How do you do it? If you buy badge blanks from Conde, just take them to a larger badge, at least 1 ½” x 3” so you will have some room and bump all the necessary information to one side while you place a picture of “their world famous pie” or “Save 50% on membership” or a picture of that great new electronic breakthrough on the other side of the badge.   

What we have done is take the lowly name badge from being a necessary expense to something that is going to sell more pie, toys or memberships. Pictures work. If they didn’t, it would be a very bland world. Maybe we should call them “Adver Badges”. 

They will make you more money too. If they run specials, sales, or promotions on their badges, they will need to change badges more often – that means more badges and that means more money.

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