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Essential Accessories for Successful Sublimation

Essential Accessories for Successful Sublimation in 2018
In sublimation oftentimes the key to a beautiful product is in the accessories. Some of these items you will use with every single product you make, some will be used only on certain products. These, however, are good and useful products that will help you obtain a crisp, professional product to offer to your clients.

Some of our most commonly used accessory items are as follows:

Protective paper is used with nearly every product to protect your heat press from any ink transfer. We have found that uncoated butcher paper offers the best, and cheapest, form of protection.

A lint roller is used with any item that has fabric. We recommend thoroughly lint rolling any fabric items or garments prior to pre-pressing or pressing.

Heat tape will be one of your most used items. It helps to secure your transfer and prevent shifting during the pressing process.

A tape dispenser will hold your heat tape and make it easily accessible for use.

Pro Spray is an adhesive spray that will help secure your transfer and prevent shifting during the pressing process. It’s great for items that tape will not easily adhere to.

Additional items that are used with certain types of substrates include:

Nomex felt is an insulating felt pad used mostly when sublimating tiles and some glass products.

The green rubber pad is a heat conductive rubber pad that helps to provide even heat across the surface of some items. It is commonly used on pressing our porcelain and glass products, as well as some others. This item comes in both 1/8” and 1/16” thicknesses. Both sizes are used with many different products.

Vapor foam is helpful in eliminating press and paper lines on fabrics during the pressing process.

Poly poplin fabric is useful in place of protective paper on some items like large metal panels and some glass products. It helps to evenly distribute pressure and lessen the stress on the coatings.

E6000 glue is used for attaching products that have multiple parts, like our tiles to the wrought iron pieces or the hardboard to wooden frames with our Shoutboxes. It is also a good multipurpose glue that is useful for strengthening other adhesives.

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