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FOREVER FlexSoft (No-Cut) Vinyl - Production Cost vs. Production Time

The best feature of FOREVER FlexSoft (No-Cut) Vinyl is that you do not need to use a craft or vinyl cutter to produce intricate vinyl designs for fabric materials. You also do not need a pick tool to spend valuable time weeding excess vinyl.

FOREVER FlexSoft (No-Cut) Vinyl "self-weeds" by using laser toner for the design and an adhesive B-sheet that only applies to the printed toner. Using a commercial heat press, the application process from printed design to decorated shirt is less than five minutes per transfer!

Features of FOREVER FlexSoft (No-Cut) Vinyl:

1. Can be used in a monochrome laser, color laser or "white toner" laser printer.

2. Can apply to cotton, cotton-polyester blends and even 100% polyester.

3. Can apply at low temperatures to eliminate "dye migration" in poly material.

4. Creates a durable vinyl design that can withstand multiple wash cycles.

In the US Market, a FOREVER FlexSoft (No-Cut) Vinyl transfer will cost about $2.50 for a letter size (8.5" x 11") sheet and about $5.00 for a tabloid size (11" x 17") sheet. You will also need to factor the cost of your laser toner. As a result, creating HTV designs with FOREVER FlexSoft (No-Cut) Vinyl may increase your material cost to produce a decorated garment. However, this cost increase is more than offset by the reduction in your labor cost and time to produce a HTV decorated garment.

Given the rise in labor cost since pandemic and the shortage of workers, controlling labor costs and making better use of time is more important than ever. If a single-color design takes five minutes with FOREVER FlexSoft (No-Cut) Vinyl, then you can produce twelve decorated garments in an hour.

Unless you are really quick with a pick tool, it's hard to match the production rate of FOREVER FlexSoft (No-Cut) Vinyl. Also, given the intricate designs you can create, you can hedge the added cost by charging more for premium art designs.

We hope you see the benefits of using FOREVER FlexSoft (No-Cut) Vinyl for your HTV jobs. For more details, visit our website or view an informational video on the FOREVER FlexSoft Premium Sample Pack

Available in many different colors and finishes!

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