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Growing Your Dye Sublimation Business: Perpetual Plaque Plans

Growing Your Dye Sublimation Business - Perpetual Plaque Plans
In years gone by, there were any number of companies that offered businesses a program to provide them with individual recognition plaques plus a master perpetual plaque for a single annual fee.

Here’s how it worked:
A company signs up with you to provide them with 12 monthly “Top Salesperson” plaques (they can say anything the customer wants) plus a single master plaque or perpetual plaque that has the company logo or sales slogan and year on it. Each month, the company fills out a post card, sends an email or a text message giving you the name of that month’s winner. In turn, you make a plaque with the name and month on it plus whatever other design they want and send it to the company.

You also send an individual plate with that person’s name on it for the perpetual plaque. If the company gives two awards, each month, they just purchase two packages, etc. Each monthly plaque is identical except for the person’s name, the month and, if they so desire, a sales figure, units sold, etc. This makes it easy to produce and requires only one design.

Various packages can be offered to customers that include four quarterly plaques, twelve monthly plaques or whatever other combination the customer desires. Conde even offers a version of the perpetual plaque with a clock, this could be for the recipient of the award. The perpetual plaque is made up and sent with the first monthly plaque with screw holes and screws already in place for the other monthly plates. All the customer has to do is add each plate as it comes.

Sizes can also vary with a perpetual plaque that is 9”x 12” and each monthly plaque a 6" x 8” Unisub® plaque or larger plaques can be used, priced accordingly. All payment is done up front so there is no waiting for your money and only one check, which is good for you and also, good for your client. Although most of the companies that offered these programs have gone by the wayside, new companies are beginning to show up, mostly on the Internet.

Lots of companies use this type of service: teachers, car sales, real estate brokers, almost anyone with a sales force, non-profit solicitors, telemarketers and a host of others.

If you don’t know about the wide variety of sublimation plaques offered by Conde, contact your sales rep for more information.

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