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Gulf Coast Chapter adds new mileage signs to the Perdido River Hiking Trail

Gulf Coast Chapter adds new mileage signs to the Perdido River Hiking Trail
Hikers on the Perdido River Hiking Trail now have a new addition to the trails to help guide them through the beautiful river corridor. Volunteers with the Alabama Hiking Trail Society "Gulf Coast Chapter" installed mileage signs, designed through Condé Systems, at four milestone points along the trails. Each sign details how many miles remains to the next landing or shelter. The addition to the trails makes it easier for beginner hikers to learn what is next on the trail. Eight hardworking, unpaid volunteers with the Gulf Coast Chapter installed the signs on Saturday, January 30th, 2021. Trail coordinator Garland Kahl oversaw the installation of the signs. and in addition, completed 3 miles of brush clearing south of Staples Fork Landing.

Volunteer coordinator Trey Gross says that this is a small step towards the larger goal of helping beginners navigate the local trails. "We know that in the United States right now in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are flocking outside, and this unique outdoor revolution has brought many beginners to places that are quite isolated." he states. "I don't think this effect is temporary, because once people go outside and see how much beauty there is outside of the house, it compels you to come back. I think us outdoor enthusiasts have a responsibility to be open to teaching and guiding them so they can enjoy the outdoors as well. I see these mileage signs as a small attempt to do this."

The work would not have been possible without the help of Condé Systems, Forever Wild and the State Lands Division. The president of Condé Systems in Mobile, AL, David Gross, freely offered the graphic design work needed to make the signs, and coordinated with Universal Woods in Louisville, LY to have the metal donated. Several iterations of engineering design went into the signs to ensure that they are aesthetically pleasing and minimizing any potential damage from ultra-violet (UV) light. Using sublimation technology developed by Condé Systems, the metal signs are incredibly resistant against UV damage and vandalism, since the printed ink is bonded underneath the surface of the metal through the sublimation process.

A dark green background with white text was chosen, so even with the minor effects of UV damage, the white text will always be legible against a fading background. In addition, this style was used to align with the branding of other signs installed by the State Lands Division in the Perdido River Wildlife Management Area (WMA).

The Alabama Hiking Trail Society thanks Evan Lawrence with the State Lands Division for his support of the development of the signs, and the State Lands Division Communications and Marketing team for their support of receiving the logos for the signs.

The signs were installed at the following locations:

Gravel Landing (trail going south)
GPS Location: 30.78324, -87.55234
Staples Fork Landing (trail going north)
GPS Location: 30.71603, -87.48605
Staples Fork Landing (trail going south)
GPS Location: 30.71605, -87.48588
Blue Lake Landing (trail going north)
GPS Location: 30.65819, -87.40459

If you would like to volunteer with the Alabama Hiking Trail Society, get newsletters from the group by adding your email Hike Alabama.

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