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How to Maximize Your Production Abilities

At Condé, we genuinely treasure sublimation. We have very loyal employees who love what they do here and would not choose any other company as their supplier. However, that isn’t to say we have not had our own struggles. Our dynamic team is aggressive and has spent a significant amount of time collaborating and streamlining our processes. We believe that for a company to maintain its relevancy and turn profit, production is key. We have compiled a short list of our most effective production strategies in hopes that they benefit your business and help you grow.

Creating a Design

Before you can “produce” an actual product, you have to create a design. While that seems straightforward, this simple step is often overlooked. Design completion is directly tied to software expertise. While there are many people in our company who have experience with Photoshop and Corel Draw, it is our graphic artist that is the most efficient in both softwares and able to produce designs quickly.

Although others here can create designs that are as good, she can complete them more efficiently. This ties in to the concept that time is money. Whoever your graphic designer is, even if it is you, must learn the mechanics of the software platform they are using. Consider investing in a class or contracting out more difficult design requests.

Owning the Proper Hardware

Printers and transfer paper bring the selling point of your product to life. The more quality your final product has, the more credibility you achieve. If you want to create a value product you can use cheaper materials and equipment, but if you seek to create a differentiated product, you may have to invest more money. Rather than focusing on the initial investment, focus on your return on your investment.

Having the equipment, such as the 44" DyeTrans® RJ-900X by Mutoh® on hand to produce a superior product at a reasonable price makes a significant difference to potential clients. If you impress the right people, you have a greater chance of obtaining stronger, larger contracts. Political campaigns, university stores, union workers, and business owners are people who take pride in the merchandise that represents them and are most likely to choose quality over expense.

Building an Effective Work Flow

In order to reap the most benefits from your production abilities, you must create the best work flow. Organization and giving yourself plenty of room to work with clear areas designated to prepping, pressing, cooling and packaging is key. For some, working in a small space is satisfactory if they do not wish to grow. However, if you want to grow your company into something larger, give yourself the room to do so.

Do not rush to purchase a warehouse if you cannot financially support it, but allow yourself the room to expand. Something as simple as three separate tables and a strong enforcement of organization can make for more efficient manufacturing.

The Bottom Line

We are all in this together and need to support each other when possible. If you build good relationships with those who are in the same profession, they may be willing to let you use their machines should any inclement situation arise. Marrying art and business isn’t easy, but we can learn and benefit from one another’s successes. Do not be afraid to dream big because with the proper strategy, your goals can be achieved.

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