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Keeping Up With the Customers

Keeping Up With the Customers
Our CEO Mr. David Gross was quoted in A&E's Motivation Monday segment last week saying, “Unfortunately, some companies are stuck in the past, hoping that people just keeping reordering what they bought last year. That’s a great philosophy to put you out of business. Don’t let your opinions get in the way of making money. Think about all the photos that are taken with smart phones. Add new products to your showroom. Take advantage of my unbranded videos that can be played in your showroom on a flat screen TV. Make outbound sales calls to new clients by sampling them on products personalized with their company information.” This is a fantastic illustration of why many sublimation businesses have started to close their doors.

To make the maximum profit, you have to know what your customers want! To do this you must always be aware of what the best selling items and trends are at the moment. This can be done by analyzing other companies advertisements, keeping up with heir social media, and selling tactics. You can also generate surveys on your social media, asking your cliental what products they prefer over the other or do a market analysis.

Products aren't the only things that go out of style. You also need to make sure that your designs and fonts are up to date as well. Any outdated design can make your product look outdated. You can also look through websites like Etsy, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook to see what the newest items and styles are. This is one of the most beneficial strategies because you can see many different examples and variations of these products as well as the most popular designs. 

Sending samples to a potential client is a great way to gauge the interest in a product. If no one appears interested, you will know that it is probably not best to order anymore of that product. 

Once you start picking up on the trends and gaining more customers, a domino-effect takes place. Your customers start informing you on what is trendy so that you can produce it and they can get it faster!

You can even ask your customers if there is anything you do not have, that they would like to see in the future. This not only keeps you up to date on popular products, but also lets your customers know that you are committed to making them happy.

Popular products in the sublimation industry are constantly evolving, but that is what makes it so exciting!

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