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Linen Substrates: Why are they a Must-Have for Any Season

Linen Substrates: Why are they a Must-Have for Any Season
Condé has recently announced the restock of the incredibly popular sublimatable linen line, or Poly Linen, which has come with some new additions. This fabric has proven to be so fresh and adaptable that, along with our linen coasters, aprons, pillow shams, placemats, Christmas stocking, backpacks, and tote bags, we have expanded the line to include oven mitts and small and medium-sized cosmetic/coin/device bags. Not to mention, Condé now offers the linen in bulk fabric. Because of its quality, The Poly Linen has proven to be a favorite among the Condé staff. Here’s what they have to say:

“The linen fabric imprints beautifully! Also, the pillow shams are of awesome quality.”

“Great heavy weight material.”

“Definitely on trend and long-lasting quality!”

“Delivers unique value to the sublimation world.”

Since its introduction back in July of 2018, the shabby, chic linen substrates have been flying off the shelves.

But why is linen such a must-have for the decoration and sublimation industry? Not only is linen becoming increasingly popular amongst crafters, it has made a noticeable comeback in the fashion industry. What was once a staple of “resort-wear,” natural-colored linen has now been reintroduced as a must-have for a minimalistic, yet chic look. Linen is considered a “raw fabric” and trademarks an interesting pattern with durable fibers. Linen seems to be a “go-to” trend of late because it’s more sustainable and eco-friendlier than cotton; while, of course, still being luxurious.

Traditionally, linen is known as more of a summer and/or spring style of fabric. However, in the world of sublimation and product decorating, Condé’s Poly Linen is perfect for year-round gifts and décor, as it proves to be a very versatile addition to any product line, enhancing the market with its unique feel and innumerable uses. Any time is a great time to incorporate linen for a chic, rustic look, perfect for any member of the family.

Decorated samples are a great way to show your customers how beautifully and vibrantly colors transfer onto this linen fabric. The Poly Linen is easily sublimated, without requiring a lot of extra materials. Just remember to always lint roll and pre-press before sublimating your linen substrate.

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