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Photography + Sublimation

Photography + Sublimation
In an earlier blog post, we mentioned that a great way to expand your sublimation business is by partnering up with a local photographer. In this blog we will be discussing the benefits of pairing sublimation with photography and how it can be a smart combination for photographers, business owners, and sublimation experts.

Advancements in technology have allowed the sublimation industry to evolve in such a way that we can now press crystal clear, sharp images onto products. This is ideal for photography because the clarity and detail is so important. Our products, such as chromaluxe panels, natural wood plaques, and acrylic panels are geared towards photography. These products can easily be displayed in a home and hung on walls. Photos pressed onto these durable substrates last much longer and do not require a frame like they would if printed on photo paper.

As a photographer, sublimation enables you to offer your clients more options when they are ordering a photo package. This can include any items from prints to hang on the wall, to compact mirrors, to phone covers. When searching for a photographer, many clients look for someone who offers options and customization, make sure that you can offer both.

If speed is a factor, sublimation blows any other method out of the water. You can take a photograph, send or upload it to your computer, print and press it on a product of your choice in less than 5 minutes. For example, at our Open House event in 2016, we set up a booth where our guests could dress up in silly accessories and stand in front of a green screen to have their photo taken. We downloaded an app called Green Screen Wizard and took photos with an iPhone, sent them to our kiosk computer, printed and pressed them on iPhone stands or aluminum ornaments right there in a matter of minutes. It was so simple, yet our guests absolutely loved it.

As someone who is not a photographer but owns or operates a sublimation business, partnering with a local photographer can take your business to the next level. People now like to get professional photos done for any and all events ranging from birthday parties, baby announcements, engagements, senior photos, and more. They not only want these photos taken, but also printed on a substrate they can hang on walls, stick on their laptops, and carry on their keys.

We hope you take into consideration the convenience and quality of pairing sublimation and photography.

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