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Preparing Your Products for Retail Presentation

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Preparing your custom sublimation, printed products for retail presentation is one of the key elements for displaying them in front of a broader range of consumers. Successful retailers are flooded with solicitations from potential vendors creating a lot of “noise” for the already busy retail shop owner. What that shop owner is looking for is a catalog of products that are profitable, consistent, and easy to deploy in their current shop space. By providing your products in this retail-ready format, you are making the store owner’s job easier and more efficient.

Key elements for ensuring your products are retail-ready

A few key elements for ensuring the readiness of your products retail standpoint include:

1. Attractive, eye-catching, and complete retail packaging.
2. Clear and concise labeling and branding.
3. Easy to display packaging that is designed for current standard POP displays.
4. Easy-to-follow use and/or assembly instructions.
5. Consistency; your products always carry a consistent packaging scheme.

Being thorough and diligent in preparing your products for retail will yield far better results than simply “dropping off a box” of products and relying on the shop owner to arrange them. Most retail packaging supply needs may be found on either Amazon or other B2B supply companies such as Uline.

Ancillary Marketing Messages in Packaging

The other advantage for preparing your products is the opportunity to include ancillary marketing messages in your packaging. A few ancillary marketing message advantages for your packaging include:

1. Re-ordering information.
2. Your website or Social Media.
3. Your branding and message.

Making the shop owner’s job easier is fundamental for getting your product to larger markets. Your product has a much greater chance of placement in a high visibility, high traffic area of the shop if you follow the simple steps outlined above.

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