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Sharing Your Printer

Sharing Your Printer
We have a lot of clinets that install their printer to one PC and then share it out over their network in order to print from other computers. Some even install it to an actual print server.

This is a simple process and is very easy to do, but it is important that it is done correctly. It’s important that you install the ICC Profile to the host PC as well as all PCs that will be printing to this printer. This is true whether you have the printer installed to a PC or a print server. The properties of the printer (which include some of the color management settings) can only be configured from the host computer.
These settings will then propagate to any PC that you connect to the shared printer.

The printing preferences will have to be configured on each PC from which you will be printing. The computer that actually sends the print job handles all specific settings for the print. The computer the printer is actually connected to will only transfer the data over to the printer (unless of course you are printing from that PC).

Look for an upcoming instruction document as well as a video for exact procedures.
In addition, you will find informative videos for configuring color management by the support team at Conde by visiting Conde TV, Conde Facebook Page and Conde Twitter.
Look for more upcoming videos and informative blog entries to be added for successful sublimation and maintaining your Conde DyeSub System.

If there is something that you think would be better said in an instructional video or blog posting, then we look forward to hearing your ideas.

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