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Sublimation Instructions

Sublimation Instructions
I get a lot of phone calls where people want to know what pressing procedures to use now that they have changed from an Epson printer over to a Ricoh printer. An understandable question, however, the printer you are using is irrelevant.

Sublimation instructions are based on what substrate you are pressing. The sublimation inks that Condé carries all sublimate the same way. The ink on the paper is going to act virtually the same whether it is from an Epson printer or a Ricoh.

This does not mean the procedures will never change. From time to time the manufacturers of the different substrates will change the coating they use to make the item sublimatable. When this happens we will test the product and find the best procedures to use with this new coating. With this in mind, our instructions are updated regularly. I recommend checking back once a month to make sure the procedures you have are the same as what we recommend at that time. If you are ever in doubt about a procedure, we are just a phone call away.

In addition, you will find informative videos for configuring color management by the support team at Conde, CondeTV, and social media pages.

Look for more upcoming videos and informative blog entries to be added for successful sublimation and maintaining your Conde DyeSub System. If there is something that you think would be better said in an instructional video or blog posting, then we look forward to hearing your ideas.

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