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One of the most popular and attractive apparel products we offer are Vapor SubliSocks. They are quick and easy to sublimate and can lead a whole new demographic to your business.

These are very popular with youth from elementary to college ages. These are not only popular with boys, girls love these socks too. They can easily be matched with their sports uniforms as well. They are perfect for athletic teams because it enables them to have their exact team colors, mascot, or logo directly on the sock. Market this product to schools, sports teams, gymnastic teams, cheer squads, athletes, sporting good stores, and boutiques. At this moment, these socks are selling for up to $25 per pair. We have spotted sublimated socks in popular spots like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Vans shoe stores.

Popular designs include sports teams, school colors, and logos, personalized with names, monograms, jersey number, geometric shapes, floral patterns, and more. They are as versatile as t-shirts are when it comes to designs. Check out to see what type/style/designs of socks are most popular at the moment, as styles and trends are constantly evolving. This can also help you when deciding how much to sell your socks for.

We offer a Vapor SubliSock business starter kit for $63.78. It contains four Phenolic Jigs (two-Straight, two-Hockey), two small and two large short socks, a pair of small and large crew socks, and small and large training socks.

Socks decorated with the jig may show a white line on the jig edges. To help with that, we suggest while doing the second side, to pull the material over the edges just a little bit. Then, grasp the socks along the jig and slightly pull the already sublimated area forward, so you can see the line of imprinting all along your jig. Doing the second side should fill the gaps.

Product Details:
  • Vapor Crew SubliSock
  • 3.5”,7”,11”, and 21” inch cuffs available
  • Black heel/toe or solid white
  • Women and Men sizes
  • Black heel and toe prevents crease marks during sublimation
  • 95% Polyester 5% Lycra

  • Neccessary accessories:
  • Hockey jig
  • Straight sock jig
  • Prospray
  • DyeTrans Multi-Purpose or TexPrint Paper

  • Templates are available in Condes PartnerNet

    For more information about decorating sublimation socks visit here.

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