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The Advantages of Shrink Wrap Sublimation

The introduction of shrink wrap film sleeves (also known by brand name SubliShrink) has caused a paradigm shift in the world of sublimation transfers. Introduced to remedy the challenges of imaging uniquely shaped objects, such as shot glasses, tumblers and steins, shrink wrap film sleeves give digital decorators the ability to sublimate into a whole new variety of tapered drink ware that otherwise would have been impossible.

The sleeves also provide an alternative way of producing handle-less items typically made with a mug press, such as ceramic coin banks and aluminum water bottles. Typically, dwell times for shrink-wrapped items are lower than conventional wraps. This new way of imaging drink ware produces full, all-around images that can even be used to shrink wrap sublimate the handle of mug.

2-Fold Advantage

This advantage to shrink wrap sublimation is two-fold: Cost & Diversity. Shrink wrap allows you to invest in your business at a fraction of the cost it would have been 10 years ago, when the only method available was large, expensive mug ovens and rubber wraps. Shrink wrap sleeves cost only a few cents compared to wraps which can cost $10-20 per wrap. Also, a convection oven can be purchased at your local super store for much cheaper than a traditional mug oven.

Equipment Needed

First, you will need a convection-style oven, not to be confused with a toaster oven, with enough space to hold the products you want to decorate. Convection ovens use a fan to evenly distribute the heat inside, whereas toaster ovens and conventional ovens do not, resulting in uneven outcomes. The oven you choose needs to be dedicated to producing sublimatable products and should never be used for cooking food. Sublimation dyes are non-toxic when heated but are not food safe, so you should not use your kitchen oven. Furthermore, you should avoid a small oven and purchase a medium to large oven to accommodate the larger products and higher quantities your shop will soon produce. The good news is, even a full-size convection oven is a relatively low-cost investment.

Second, you’ll need an internal oven thermometer to monitor the oven’s actual temperature to get a more accurate reading; rather than relying on the dial settings on the oven.

Lastly, you will need a heat gun to shrink the film sleeves onto the substrates. Heat guns can be found at almost any home improvement store – we bought ours at Harbor Freight for around $15. 

As one can see, startup costs are very low, along with cost of maintenance as well. You only need a few pieces of equipment that are very easy to operate, leaving you more time to focus on creating new designs and products. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our support team.

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