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The Tricks to Pressing DyeFlex

Pressing DyeFlex can be a bit of a challenge for someone new to sublimation. One of the benefits to the design of DyeFlex is that it does not interfere with the antennas of smartphones produced today. Another advantage of using DyeFlex for cell phone cases includes the uninterrupted signal required for wirelessly charging smartphones. In the past, metal was used for this purpose, but it interfered with the signal that was passed through.

DyeFlex will provide quality service through your phone with an awesome looking case. When pressing any of our items always refer to our website for the latest instructions and procedures.

The inserts will arrive to you slightly larger than the phone case itself. The insert is designed to shrink throughout the cooking process so that it fits perfectly within the case. Following our instructions should ensure that you get the best results.

After you have pressed the case, make sure to put a weight on top of it as it cools. You can use a book as a weight or anything that will keep it flat. This step is important because it will keep the corners from popping out of the case once you set it with the adhesive that is on the case.

By not using the correct temperature outlined in our instructions, you could scorch the insert or not shrink it enough to fit in the case.

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