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The Value of Charity

The Value of Charity
A couple of weeks ago we announced that we would be promoting charity this Christmas, and in doing so, participating in our own charity as well. We have since been offering all of our clients 5 FREE stockings (more if needed) with the condition that they would use them for charitable purposes. Condé is happy to announce that we have gotten a LOT of requests for stockings and we can’t wait to hear about the good deeds everyone has done with them! Since our "Critter Christmas", is the first charitable event we have pioneered, I would like to share my experience in hopes that it will give some insight.

Because donating was not something we planned, we had limited time to prepare. It became the most logical course of action once it was determined that some of our Christmas stocking inventory was slightly irregular. Shortly after discovering the issue, we decided we wouldn’t be selling them to our client base as we didn’t want to pass on an inconsistent product. Though selling them at a discounted price was considered, we took a small vote on how to resolve the issue, and it was decided we would donate them to a worthy cause!

Choosing our focus was the easiest part of the whole project. Our founder, David Gross Sr., was a veterinarian, our marketing analyst has a pack of rescued pit bulls, and I am an animal lover at heart so there was nott much persuading required. Collectively our animal loving team decided that we would like our stockings to benefit the homeless pets at our local animal shelters and so "Critter Christmas" was created.

The idea behind "Critter Christmas" is we want people to visit the animals and bring them treats. First, we called Mobile’s three largest shelters and offered to make each of their animals a personalized Christmas stocking to hang outside their kennel. With stockings in place ,we are now encouraging the public to go by and shower them with treats and affection! An additional element was to get local businesses behind our cause so we asked if we could hang stockings in their shops for patrons to drop donations in. You can find those stockings at these locations:

Mellow Mushroom: 2409 Schillinger Rd S, Mobile, AL 36695

Urban Emporium LLC: 260 Dauphin St, Mobile, AL 36602

Theodore Veterinary Hospital: 5761 US-90, Theodore, AL 36582

Glazed Doughnuts: 5369 Hwy 90 west, Suite C, Mobile, AL 36619

OK Bicycle Shop: 661 Dauphin St, Mobile, AL 36602

Loda BierGarten: 251 Dauphin St, Mobile, AL 36602

Robert Moore & Co: 4213 Halls Mill Rd, Mobile, AL 36693

St Elmo Feed and Seed: 9001 US-90, St Elmo, AL 36568

Grand Bay Feed: 12420 US-90, Grand Bay, AL 36541

Unfortunately, there are a couple hundred animals in Mobile’s shelters and more coming in every day. Printing that many stockings can be significant for a small business to generate. However, Condé knew the risks and they were willing to absorb labor cost, the cost of ink and other consumables, and any other overhead. It should be noted, that although the initial costs of a donation may be daunting, for some, its returns are invaluable. Our recipients are the animals at The Mobile County Animal Shelter, The Mobile SPCA, and The City of Mobile Animal Shelter.

As soon as each shelter provided us a list naming all the animals staying there, we got to work! Our artwork came from Condé Design which allowed us to easily manipulate the colors in the patterns. Condé’s product templates were also extremely helpful because they are repeatedly tested and every one of our 300+ stockings fit the template.

Because each stocking had to be pressed four separate times (the animals name, Condé’s brand, and each of the patterned sides), I developed an assembly line. I found that if I slipped a piece of paper between the stocking and the folded cuff, it would keep the red gaming cloth from bleeding on the white fabric. I also discovered that I could press the animals name onto the cuff at the same time I pre-pressed which eliminated a major step. I would then flip the stockings over and press the Condé logo. Though I started my project with a DK20S, I quickly switched to a DK32AP which allowed me to press multiple stockings at once and speed up production.

Some people may choose not to brand their donations, but I feel it’s important to remind people that we are a company that cares about our local culture. Though Condé is prominent in the sublimation industry, The city of Mobile is considered a Port City and a hub for many different types of business. Memorable acts of charity help to solidify your company as a pillar of the community, and we wanted to take advantage of this by branding our stockings.

After we had all the stocking pressed and ready to go, I recruited a small army of children to help me. We double checked the names against our lists (my son felt like Santa doing this) and made sure each of the shelters were organized into different boxes. All of us then donned our most festive Christmas attire and went to deliver our goodies!

Even though I specifically told the children we were to give each of the animals ONE treat and then put one in their stocking, they were sneaking them whole handfuls! I know for a fact one dog in particular (Clyde) ate at least ten pieces of jerky! Honestly I didn't mind. Shelter pets are usually dealt such a bad hand that they deserve ALL THE TREATS. My concern was that my small army would pass out so many at the first shelter that our stockpile would rapidly deplete.

Although it was long day filled with the sound of loud barking, it was also incredibly rewarding. Not only did we help bring attention to the local shelter pets, but the children who helped me hang stockings got a taste of what it means to show compassion towards those who have nothing to give them in return. Our youngest, Lilah, expressed what we all felt by crying when it was time to leave.

Donating these stockings has been a great success for the animals. Word rapidly spread through Facebook and many people have been by to chip in and help make these animals feel special. It's important to remember that even though we may not all be able to adopt this Christmas, we can still donate to the cause.

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