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The Wonderful World of Bag Tags

An item that is commonly overlooked when it comes to interesting and useful substrates is our double-sided, white gloss, bag tag. When you think of bag tags, the first thing you think is that they go great on your luggage, but our customers have thought of other extremely creative ways to use them. It is an attractive way to keep up with you and your families belongings. Customers love these for their children's athletic bags because teams usually have identical bags that also carry similar equipment. Imagine trying to find one specific bag out of a whole pile of bags that all look the same, instead of unzipping each one to see if it belongs to your child, you could just add a bag tag and it would be easily distinguishable.

That is why these are so great for team bags, plus you can make the theme or design go along with whatever sport they play. Our customers have come up with many new uses for this product. For adults, these tags can go on your briefcase, gym bags, computer cases, and beach bags and can be used as all-access passes to events, parking passes, or decorative car mirror charms. Parents, for their kids, are using them as medical ID tags for food allergies, on lunchboxes and backpacks, and diaper bags. Having a tag on pre-school and elementary aged students backpacks and lunchboxes helps the children keep up with their things and it also helps the teachers know whose bag is whose in case of any confusion.

Instead of the flimsy tags often used, these are made of a durable, fiberglass-reinforced plastic or Unisub aluminum and because they are sublimated, the image will not peel up over time and will not mess up if it gets wet, which is perfect for children. They come in several different rectangle sizes, they also come in other shapes such as circles, squares, cars, megaphones, and footballs. We carry two different kinds of straps: clear plastic tie loops and black leather straps with a gold tone buckle.

Popular designs for these tags really go along with who is using them. Swim teams would most likely want a nautical themed tag for their bags while a college girl's laptop case would probably have one with a monogram and cute floral pattern. Sports themes, school names, floral patterns, monograms, borders and stripes are very popular for these tags. Since they are double sided, the name or monogram will typically go on one side and (if desired) the contact information will go on the other in case the bag is misplaced.

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