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Would You Like to Have 1,000 Fonts for Free?

For those working in the printing and sublimation industries, one can never acquire too many fonts – even if you never use but a half-dozen of them.

Most engravers, printers and designers collect fonts like crazy but almost always fall back on the old standards like New Times Roman, Ariel, Brush Script, etc. Still, you never know when you might need a unique font that no one has heard of, such as the font used for the Condé logo for instance – Oxonia Roman.

In any case, if you have one of the latest versions of CorelDRAW (2019 - 2021), you not only have the fonts that came with the software, but now have access to even more. Not all are free, but there is one package containing 1,000 free fonts.

To Acquire Your Free Fonts

First, open the Corel Font Manager and click on “File” in the upper left corner. Next, click on “Get More” and it will take you to a page offering a number of font packages. Most sell for about $10, but located toward the bottom of the page is a 1,000 Font Package that is free. Simply click download and install. You can find the fonts in the “Uninstalled” section of the Font Manager. From there, you then install as many fonts as you want into the “Installed” folder for use in Corel, Word and any other programs you use.

A word of Caution

If you are tempted to install all the fonts into the “Installed folder”, we recommend not to. Older versions of Windows will crash when loaded with too many fonts, about 400, and will significantly slow down when 200 or more fonts are installed. Microsoft says this is no longer true, however they state they are not responsible for problems created by third party software (including fonts).

The same is true with MAC users. Having too many fonts installed makes it more difficult to find which you use most often. I try to keep my active list of fonts around 150-200. Having too many fonts loaded also makes it more difficult to find the offending font should one cause you any trouble to your system (crashing or eating up RAM).

Enjoy your free fonts!

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