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10 Products to Grow Your Sublimation Business in 2023

10 Products to Grow Your Sublimation Business in 2023
It's an exciting time in the print-on-demand industry and sublimation printing continues to drive the market. With so many exciting new techniques, technologies, and products, it's a great time to be in this business.

As the perceived value of custom, personalized products remains high, now is a good time to focus on growth.

Read Our Blog 10 Ways to Grow Your Sublimation Business in 2023 and use the products below to help you acheive great color matching.

Give your customers the highest quality product by making sure the color you deliver is the color they expect. It sounds easy but in reality, it's a crucial step that's sometimes overlooked.

How do you deliver the correct color every time? Sublimation color charts. Color charts are a must have for any successful print-on-demand shop. Different materials and substrates accept the sublimation process in different ways and it's important to be able to effectively predict the exact color output you're going to get - every single time.

Print and press a set of color charts onto the most common substrate materials you currently produce. Fabric swatches, hardboard, aluminum, and ceramics are all great candidates for a color chart. When designing artwork for your customers' jobs, refer to these pressed samples to help interpret the final color output you need.

Are you leaving money on the table by under-pricing your custom products?

Did you know Conde has a pricing tool that gives you the suggested retail price range for our entire catalog of print-on-demand blank products?

Start here to learn more about our Retail Pricing Calculator Tool

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