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Friday Live: Mardi Gras Madness with Sprite and Bo

Friday Live: Mardi Gras Madness with Sprite and Bo

What is Mardi Gras?

Mardi Gras is composed of just two simple words that translate to “Fat Tuesday” but can mean an unlimited number of things. Mardi Gras might represent an occasion, an idea, a day, a way of life, a portion of history, a state holiday, or a parades and innumerable memories depending on who you ask.

Mardi Gras is the perfect holiday to sublimate for lovers, family, friends, and your even pets!

Think you understand Mardi Gras? Tune in to find out.

Throw me something, mister!

See y’all Friday at 3:30pm CST

Sprite and Bo

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Upcoming Lives:

Feb 24th – Pressing with the Dk7 Hat Press

Think you’ve seen it all? What about one of the most versatile heat presses that almost no one is talking about that you can start using in your business today?

Okay now that we’ve got your attention, mark your calendars as busy on Friday February 24th at 3:30pm CST and join us for a never-before-seen on CondeTV first for y’all. Drum roll please. Live in the Conde studio, it's the Geo Knight DK7 Hat press!

Think this Geo Knight press is only for hats? Think again! The Geo Knight DK7 can be more versatile than you could ever imagine.

* Hats
* Baby Bibs
* Baby Jumpers
* Patches
* T-shirts
* Mouse Pads
* Coasters
* Huggers
* Socks
* Leashes
* Collars
* Bandanas
* Gaiters
* Patches
* Linen Products
* and so many more!!!

Want more? Sure, you do! Tune in, comment, like, and subscribe for a special discount on the Geo Knight DK7 that will blow not only your socks off but your hat as well.
Check out the Geo Knight DK7 Below! DK7 George Knight Digital Cap Hat Heat Press - 110v SKU: DK7

We promise it will be a special one.

Pew! Pew! Pew!

See y'all at 3:30pm CST

Sprite and Bo

Check out the teaser trailer

Honorable Mentions:

DyeTrans Sublimation Blank Neoprene Ice Pop Hugger


Ice Pop Hugger for Frozen Treats - White outer surface adhered to inner sublimation 1/8" thick Neoprene™ rubber beverage insulator. Awesome summer sensation for children's parties, barbecues, outdoor events, or even for day care centers. With sublimation, your customer's kids can wrap the ice pops with huggers featuring their names, sports logos, or favorite cartoon character. Good items to match with these are the sublimation Baby Bibs. Imagine the cute troop of babies at a birthday party! Other uses for this slender hugger include: ~ Using them as cases for reader glasses. ~ Use them for student pencils or paint brushes in school or church ~ Use them for covers for curling irons ~ They could also store make up brushes and combs

DyeTrans Sublimation Blank Neoprene Hugger - For 16oz "Solo Cups" (25 pc pk)


Neoprene Hugger for 16oz "Solo Cups", WITH BOTTOM, .10“ thick, 25 piece pack. White. Neoprene material absorbs condensation. Replaces the need of coasters and wet napkins around drinks. Folds flat for easy portability and storage. Fits comfortably around any 16oz party cup. Great item for promotional or fundraising efforts. Ideal for party, wedding, or event favors.

Sublimation Blank Neoprene Beverage Insulator - 12oz Slim Can- Unsewn


UNSEWN Hugger for 12oz. slim can, sublimation neoprene. These custom huggers are perfect as party favors, or as personalized gifts for holidays such as Father's Day. With the use of sublimation, your customers can showcase a bit of their own style while also keeping their beverages cold longer. Must be ordered in increments of -50-

Sublimation Blank Stainless Steel Hugger - 12oz - White – Regular


12oz Stainless Steel Hugger for sublimation, for standard 12 oz cans. Double-walled, white with black gasket. Popular sublimation item for promos. Can be sublimated with a SF76, SF79, and a mug press.

Luma Steel™ Stainless Steel Flask - 8oz – Silver


8 oz, Silver, Luma Steel™ Sublimation Blank Stainless Steel Flask with screw on lid. Imprint area is 3.5“ x 5”. Must be sublimated using a convection oven with 4" x 7" SubliShrink (SF47) and heat gun - not included. Reproduce full color, photographic images on a trendy accessory. A great personalized gift for groomsmen, birthdays, Father’s Day, or Mother’s Day. 100% BPA and Phthalate Free.

LumaSteel® Stainless Steel Milkshake Style Tumbler - 16oz – White


16oz LumaSteel® Stainless Steel Milkshake Style Tumbler for sublimation. White with straw and black plastic lid. Safe to take milkshakes, smoothies, and other blended beverages on the go. Sublimate in an oven with SF79 Imaging area 6.5" tall, 11" circumference.

Sublimation Blank Pet Shirt – XXL

SKU: PC116

Extra Extra Large Pet Shirt for sublimation. 16" body, 24" chest, 16" neck, white, 100% polyester fabric. Adorn the furry members of the family with personalized artwork and designs. The hottest selling market in the USA: Pet Products!

Sublimation Blank Pet Collar - 10x12

SKU: AC58-1012

Dyetrans Sublimation Blank Pet Collar, Black, Adjustable 10"- 12" x .625”; Imprintable White Sewn on Polyester Panel (.625" x 6.25"). Great for putting pet names and address of owner on collar. You could also use designs featuring dog bones or paw prints. Bundle with our DyeTrans Sublimation Leash ( AC34-72) sold separately.

Products Pressed

Gator Sublimation Blank Ceramic Mug - 11 oz White


Works perfectly for personalized gifts for coffee lovers, or souvenirs for tourists. 11oz Ceramic Gator Mug, White. Image area: 8” x 3.75”. To image, we recommend using Mug Paper, sold separately. Hard coated, excellent for sublimation in a press or with SubliShrink. Sold by the case (36). To image in an oven, use 7" x 9" SubliShrink (SF79), sold separately. Dishwasher Safe, for maximum life of the imaged product, we recommend hand washing and it is microwave safe. This mug may be imaged with a George Knight DK3 mug press (DK3110). Mug boxes (sold separately) bring your mug presentation to the next level. This mug meets or exceeds FDA requirements for food and beverage safety..

DyeTrans Sublimation Blank Pet Scarf – XL


.DyeTrans 14.5" x 9" x 9", white Pet Scarf with black .98" wide collar. Removable collar is adjustable from 14.6" to 23.6". Collar is not sublimatable. Great wholesale item for animal rights organizations, pet groomers, and retail pet stores.

White Stainless Steel Bottle Opener - Card Style


.Card Style White Stainless Steel Bottle Opener for sublimation. This bottle opener is 1.5" x 2.8" x .07", 2 sided, with a white gloss coating. These bottle openers are recommended for handwashing, not suitable for dishwashers. The card style is meant to go into a wallet, or as a keychain. Makes a great personalized gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or bachelor parties. Boost your brand by adding a logo or add custom photos or art for a gift with these imprintable bottle openers.

White Stainless Steel Bottle Opener - Bottle Style


.Bottle Style White Stainless Steel Bottle Opener for sublimation. This bottle opener is 1.6" x 5.5" x .07", 2 sided, with a white gloss coating. These bottle openers are recommended for handwashing, not suitable for dishwashers. Makes a great personalized gift item, or could be marketed towards bars or restaurants. Personalize the stainless steel bottle openers by printing wonderful pictures, designs, logos or text. From bars, restaurants, camping, festivals or partying at home, these bottle openers can be used anywhere. Perfect for any man cave. Great for promotional items.

White Stainless Steel Bottle Opener - Pub Style


.Pub Style White Stainless Steel Bottle Opener for sublimation. This bottle opener is 6.97" x 1.54" x .07", 2 sided, with a white gloss coating. These bottle openers are recommended for handwashing, not suitable for dishwashers. Perfect for wedding favors, corporate gifts, camping, restaurants/bars, or really any occasion. They are extremely strong, sturdy, and comfortable to hold. Robust construction guarantees years of excellent use.

Sublimation Sippy Cup - 10oz – White


10oz, White Sippy Cup for sublimation. Includes lid and handle for easy grip. Image in an oven using SF79 or SF76. Stainless steel, double walled vacuum insulated with sturdy lid and handles to avoid accidents. Personalize with coordinating themes for baby showers or birthday parties. Sublimate in an oven with either SF79 or SF76..

Sublimation Blank PolyLeather Card Caddy Wallet


PolyLeather Card Caddy Wallet, brown with white pocket and 3M adhesive backing, for sublimation..

DyeTrans Sublimation Blank Neoprene Slip-On Can Hugger - Fits 16oz Can


.Hugger for 16 oz cans; 2 Sided White outer surface adhered to inner 1/8" thick sublimation Neoprene™ rubber beverage insulator. Foldable with sewn seams and slotted bottom, Laid Flat: 4.25" x 6.625" x .125”. These are comparable to the Coozies, or Koozies sold as a brand. A nice personalized gift for any occasion. A good idea is to bundle these with matching printed tote bags, hats or flags - decorated for events (sold separately).

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