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Condé’s Open House 2023: Sublimation Circus

Sublimation Circus

Come one, come all to Condé's 2023 Virtual and In-Person Open House! Whether participating virtually on the 20th and 21st or in-person on the 22nd at our corporate headquarters in Mobile, Alabama, Condé's Open House is an excellent opportunity for beginner and expert product decorators to broaden their knowledge of sublimation and heat transfer.

In-Person Registration Here

Can't make it down to Mobile, Alabama? Check out the 2 Day Virtual Event!

2 Day Virtual Registration Here

Click Here For Thursday July 20th Schedule of Classes

Click Here For Friday July 21st Schedule of Classes


The FREE event, scheduled for July 20-22, is comprised of two days of virtual learning including live and recorded educational classes and one day of in-person learning that also includes live product and equipment demonstrations, door prizes, vendors, special product and equipment sales, and more!



Artesprix has developed a revolutionary line of sublimation products to give a new dimension to creative projects. From sublimation markers and ink pads, to supplies and accessories, to dozens of Artesprix-branded blanks to choose from, makers can create personalized memories that will last a lifetime.

Born in 2018, Artesprix introduced ten colors of their original permanent heat transfer markers to the sublimation world. The arts-and-craft community immediately took notice…makers and social media influencers were heard saying, “Have you seen the magic?”

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Unisub blanks allow you to print designs with a simple yet innovative dye sublimation process that allows the transfer of high-definition images onto customizable blanks. From coasters to signage to serving trays, you’re only limited to the boundaries of your imagination.

And every best-in-class blank since 1997 has been proudly made in the USA. As a leading global manufacturer of hard-surface sublimatables, we offer over 330 sublimation blanks, ranging from plaques and key chains to coasters and dozens more.

A team of experts thoroughly inspects every product we manufacture. Throughout the coating process, our product team performs white glove inspections, ensuring that anything leaving our doors meets the highest quality standards. Because we believe our customers deserve the best.

So you can confidently offer Unisub products to your customers, knowing they’ll enjoy their personalized vibrant products for years to come.

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Focus On What You Love, While We Take Care Of The Rest
At DecoNetwork, we are on a mission to help apparel decoration businesses like yours succeed by providing innovative software solutions that simplify your operations, boost your productivity and profitability, and enhance the customer experience. Our vision is to revolutionize the decoration industry by offering a complete, all-in-one software platform that allows you to manage every aspect of your business, from start to finish.

We want to be your trusted partner, supporting you with cutting-edge technology, personalized support, and a community of like-minded professionals who share your passion for decoration. We understand that running a business is tough, but with our software, you can focus on what you love, while we take care of the rest.

At DecoNetwork, we are committed to your success, and we will always be pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to deliver exceptional value to you. Thank you for choosing us as your partner in decoration. Let’s grow together!

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Established in 1885, Geo Knight & Co Inc has manufactured industrial press machinery and die cutting equipment for over a century. For the past 4+ decades, we have specialized in heat transfer press equipment for both commercial, private and industrial use.

Located in Brockton Massachusetts, we ship machinery nationwide and all over the world. Our practical ability and common sense of what it takes to make customer applications work has earned us a valuable reputation in imprinting related markets today. Our manufacturing facility provides us with the ability to produce custom solutions to the heat transfer machinery needs of customers worldwide.

Our product line of press machinery has been fine tuned over the decades to be able to meet basically every and any heat pressing requirement. If your application needs heat and pressure, be it image transfer imprinting, heat sealing, branding, hot-fixing, laminating or other processes - our machinery will meet your needs.

Once in a while a customer's application will need something customized. Perhaps a special loading pallet, a specific shaped heat platen or possibly a certain support framework is needed. Whatever it is, the answer is usually yes. Our factory allows us to act fast, responding accurately and efficiently to the newest and most unique requests. Our pricing is fair and reasonable on customized applications, simply because we do this so often.

If a specific machine on this site isn't quite what you need, fill out the contact form and let us know what you need. We are good at listening, and just good at responding by drawing on decades of experience in producing solid heat pressing equipment solutions for our customers.

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Vapor Apparel provides a vertical suite of apparel to wholesalers, consumer brands, and the promotional products industry.

We are an industry leader in blank performance apparel certified for digital sublimation printing and print-on-demand services. A growing part of our line is sustainable, fashion friendly recycled performance polyester and polyester-blends as well.

Over the last 15 years, we have developed a line of certified sublimation blanks which are available across the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and the Caribbean.

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From Custom Art to Stock Art In August 2005, Great Dane Graphics was turned upside down by the devastating Hurricane Katrina. Clement and his employees were forced to go their separate ways, but Great Dane Graphics was able to preserve by changing its product offering. Instead of designing custom art, the company began designing stock art that was customizable and production-ready.

This new stock art was created while employees lived in different states, including Clement, who took a position at Screen Printing Supplies, Inc. (SPSI) in Minnesota. During his time at SPSI, Clement gained extensive knowledge of the direct-to-garment printing industry. Eventually, he was able to return home to Louisiana and to Great Dane Graphics full time.

Though the Great Dane Graphics before Hurricane Katrina will never be forgotten, the company has made surmounting leaps since. Its line of beautiful, full-color designs continues to grow, giving customers - big or small - an easy and affordable way to create unique designs for clients. In addition to screen printing, stock art designs can now be found to fit various other methods of T-shirt decorating, including DTG, dye-sublimation, printing/cutting, heat printing, and embroidery.

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Sawgrass brings together the technologies that make global digital customization and personalization possible into a single system that includes: proprietary ink and color management software, leading printer and heat press manufacturers, extensive support and education tools. We serve the needs of nearly any size business, from home-based shops with desktop capabilities to factory-scale production -- and everything in between.

For more than 25 years, Sawgrass has been the leader in the dye sublimation and digital ink industry, holding more than 160 patents to-date. We are ink makers by definition and digital pioneers by choice.

Sawgrass is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, with additional offices in Sheffield, England. We proudly offer an extensive global dealer network that services more than 100 countries throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia.

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Empowering proactive small business owners to develop a winning mindset with essential FUNdamentals so they unlock their potential.

Our job is to empower overwhelmed small business owners. We know business owners have all the resources they need to have a successful business right now! They don't need some overpriced and overhyped shiny marketing strategy. All they need is a change of mindset. As a business owner, you have to have a passion just to show up, so let's stoke those flames, build some momentum, and throw extra fuel on the fire of success. Experiences like online training, interactive workshops, mastermind groups, and success principles consulting guide the OSG community to a proper mindset and business foundation to gain confidence and clarity.

Throughout their 40+ combined years in the industry, the OSG team knew that many people hoarded all of the information. We saw nice people fail because they didn’t have a foundation. Our impactful and actionable ideas are your keys to success. Aaron and Kylene are Success Principles certified trainers and bring a wealth of mindset tools on top of their deep passion for building good business FUNdamentals. They no longer want people to struggle and flounder when they start a business, but instead, thrive, hit the ground running, and be good citizens in the markets they intend to enter.

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