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Condé Introduces Ink Minder System

Condé Systems Inc.
5600 Commerce Blvd East
Mobile, Alabama 36619

Mobile, AL – March 29, 2017

Condé Systems has introduced its exclusive Ink Minder™ system for managing the "Use By" dates of dye-sublimation inks. Being aware of each cartridge's “Use By” date is critically important because an expired cartridge’s performance cannot be guaranteed and should be replaced. Although the “Use By” date is printed on the side of each cartridge, removing an installed cartridge from the printer is not recommended except for replacement. Condé Systems’ Ink Minder™ labeling method remedies this problem by keeping the cartridges' “Use By” dates clearly visible on the front of the printer without having to remove them. Additionally, writing a cartridge’s installation date on its Ink Minder Sticker allows the user to determine the rate of ink use for that particular color. All DyeTrans SG 3110DN and SG 7100DN dye-sub printer purchases from Condé Systems now include the Ink Minder Plate and all dye-sub ink cartridges include Ink Minder Stickers to peel and place on the plate. Customers that need an Ink Minder Plate for existing printers can call 800-826-6332 to receive one at no charge in their next order.

About Condé Systems, Inc.:
Developed with the principal of improving their clients’ success in the personalized product industry, Condé Systems, Inc. provides high quality products for business and graphic output solutions which exceed industry expectations. Condé Systems, Inc. is a recognized leader in providing innovative products in six key markets: on demand specialty imprinting, pre-press output, signage/wide-format output, color solutions for business, digital imaging, and ID card production. As pioneers of the digital imprinting industry, Condé Systems has developed numerous cutting-edge systems and techniques for heat transfer, along with providing free technical support for purchased products, free educational resources, and exceptional customer support.

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