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Take your business with you!


Announcing our new SG400 promo! 

We’ve seen a lot of customers having success while "on the road", so we want to encourage you to explore this exciting and profitable option for your decorating business. Take your business on the road with you. Each purchase of an SG400 comes with FREE Conde Kiosk software (KSW728). $200 value, free with SG400 purchase. 

Now is the time to get an "on the road printer" for:

- athletic events

- large parties

- trade shows

- car shows

- outdoor markets (flea markets/arts & crafts festivals)

- and other events that give you the opportunity to set-up shop and sell personalized gifts and awards to a large group of people


For a limited time, buy a Virtuoso SG400 printer:

- get a FREE copy of Conde's Kiosk Software (Part #KSW728; a $200 value)

- and get a FREE Conde Black Friday Box


What’s the kiosk software?

Conde's Kiosk Software allows you to set up shop almost anywhere! This unique software gives your customers the ability to quickly and easily send digital images from their phone to your dye-sub printer. Imagine attending a school play or a soccer game and turning freshly taken pictures into trophies, drinkware, coasters, and other popular (and profitable) personalized products. Using the Virtuoso SG400 printer and a heat press, you'll be able to produce beautifuly personalized products right in front of your customers' eyes!


What's the black box?

This valuable gift box is full of sublimation blanks, including drinkware, SubliShrink, linen,  coasters, watchbands, mugs, versatile hanging ornaments, air fresheners and more! Not to mention accessories, graphic design art, coupons & Condé credit.  


Hurry! This offer is for a limited-time only!

Get everything you need to take your sublimation business wherever you go and produce personalized products right before your customers eyes - with huge margins.

Tune in this Friday to see Condes own sublimation kiosk streaming from NBM, Santa Clara trade show live.

This software will need to be installed by our Tech Support Dept once purchased. Requires a wireless router for use. Call 251-633-5704 once order is processed to set up install.


Watch the videos below to learn how to making money with the Condé KIOSK!


Our JP14S is on sale, as well. Add to your shopping cart to reveal special pricing.

Add your SG400 to your shopping cart and your Black Box and Condé Kiosk software will automatically be added to your order, free of charge. 

Make money on the go! 

Kiosk Image Upload Software  Mac/PC, Version ...


Kiosk Image Upload Software Mac/PC, Version ...

$200.00 ea

12x14 JP14 George Knight® Hobby Heat Press -...


12x14 JP14 George Knight® Hobby Heat Press -...

$440.00 ea

Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 Complete Sublimation ...


Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 Complete Sublimation ...

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