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Tips For Small Business Management

Published on March 22nd, 2019

Though hard to imagine, there was a time when no one knew what sublimation was! However, for twenty seven years Conde has been growing the sublimation industry by providing screen printers, engravers, photographers, embroiderers, and artists the transfer systems, imprintable products, educational videos, and technical support needed to be successful within this profitable industry. For this article, I’d like to reflect on the management practices that have helped us get to this level of success. Hopefully you are already incorporating some of the same methods into your own business management.

Have Continuous Goals. Without goals work becomes routine and stagnant. If your team feels that there is nothing to gain by forging ahead, then there is no need for them to drive your company forward. Give incentives to meet goals and keep your company growing. At Condé, we promote friendly competition between account managers and praise departments that are exceeding our expectations. Don’t do this by creating unnecessary stress but instead by reinforcing positivity with reward. Set moderate, attainable goals and reward your team for their accomplishments. When your team reaches those goals set more.

Acknowledge Your Weaknesses. None of us are perfect and struggling to maintain control of things you are not good at is damaging your company. For example: I am not comfortable being in front of a camera so if I were to attempt being the star of our Facebook Live videos I would likely faint from anxiety! However, our Product Specialist Sprite is incredibly at ease making them. Even if she does have an awkward experience it rolls off her back with no consequence!

Likewise, I doubt Sprite is nearly as comfortable as I am with ecommerce or sorting SEO data. The key to smoothly operating without total control is delegating specific tasks to the right people! By needlessly struggling to do tasks outside of your expertise you waste your own time and squander away the resources of those more capable. Allocate your time where it is most beneficial!

Organize and Declutter. These terms are NOT interchangeable. By organizing I mean everything from keeping a tidy filing cabinet to creating systematic processes. We know to keep our books organized so when needed, we can access information quickly. But we can also organize by keeping sublimation instructions readily available or organizing a set schedule for pickup and deliveries. Whether in a filing cabinet or computer, proper organization keeps pertinent information accessible, goals at the company’s forefront, and measures in place to handle surprises that may arise. How we organize our business isn’t nearly as important as sticking to those implementations.

Decluttering, to me, means throwing out anything that is not serving you. Files or old paperwork taking up space on shelves, printed phone lists that can be easily accessed on computer desktops, and even an employee who isn’t pulling their own weight are all things take up our mental and physical space. Get rid of it. By decluttering your company, you allow plenty of room for company growth.

Despite the phrase “natural born leader” none of us are naturally born that way. Leadership roles are hard work! Managers have the most difficult job responsibilities, must be fair, consistent, and acknowledge that people are looking to us for guidance. However, with great practices and hard work we can have a smooth, positive working environment that people enjoy waking up for!


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