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The Foundation of a Solid Business

Published on April 8th, 2019

Your success is our success. That makes our #1 job to support you in every way, including marketing help, sales support technical know-how, or cost savings. Today we explore the foundation of a solid business, and how this fundamental structure is sustained for growth and success.

Just as the framework of a home needs a solid foundation, so too does the infrastructure of a company. This solid foundation can be the key to weathering the vicissitudes of the market, maintaining and supporting growth, and allowing adaptability to stay relevant. No matter how impressive your brand or public reputation, a company lacking a solid foundation will eventually crumble. What can we do to ensure that doesn’t happen? At Condé, we recently explored our own policies and protocols and I think you’ll find what we discovered extremely interesting.

Our Company First Depends on the Consumer. No matter what new products we carry, if our clients can’t find value in them, they’re bust. As most consumer-based companies do, we try to buy products that follow the latest trends in order to have the kind of products our clients can sell to their own customers. For example: Fidget Spinners. When Fidget Spinners appeared on the market, they became an instant sensation. Kids NEEDED them and they were everywhere! From gas stations to gift shops, mall kiosks and home shopping networks NO ONE could escape the Fidget Spinner.

Naturally, we wanted a slice of the pie and began looking for sublimatable Fidget Spinners. Unfortunately, despite the initial popularity, the demand for them died out and by the time we found a quality product, the trend was over. Needless to say, we don’t sell them. Though many of us think it would be neat to carry them because other companies don’t, and we personally would love to experiment with Imaged Spinners, we know it would be a senseless waste of money. Consumer needs are paramount in the personalized gifting industry so what clients demand Condé is usually able to supply! However, as in the case of fidget spinners, we have learned that catching a trend at just the right moment is critical for success.

Build Systems That You Can Use Again and Again. Doing the same task repeatedly is not only frustrating but takes up an unbelievable amount of time that could be used to propel your company forward in other ways. If you begin to think of your time as having monetary value, you can see how much money is lost by not having a system in place. For instance, if you are valued at approximately $40 an hour but spend 15 minutes daily sending social media updates and another 15 minutes reminding overdue clients to pay invoices that’s $20 a day (over $5000 a year) wasted on just two menial tasks. Don’t fear automation. What’s more, don’t fear monetary investments in automation.At Condé we use content management programs, job recruiting websites, and payroll tracking to streamline our processes and free the valuable time of our employees. The simplest systems can make the most incredible differences!

                Marketing is Vital. Active marketing is crucial for the prosperity of a company. People often think that marketing is simply advertising and creating catchy sales but honestly marketing is the best possible way to spread knowledge and education about a company’s operation and a product’s capability. As I’ve mentioned in a prior article, I had no idea what sublimation was until I joined Condé and now, I am blown away by the creations we design daily. That being said, it’s fair to deduce that just because the people of Condé are experts in their field, it doesn’t mean average or  potential clients are.

Through social media forums, trade shows, magazines, innovation, open houses, press releases, class demonstrations, photos, samples, trend following, changing product lists, constant website updating, partner affiliates, business materials, and even blogs like this one, Condé has spread massive amounts of knowledge and carved out a prominent reputation in the sublimation industry! None of those things could have happened without proper marketing! One of the most attractive aspects of sublimation, from a business perspective, is the revenue a person can create with a low start-up cost. However, if your customers don’t know what you can provide them, why would they seek out your company? Imagine the products you could custom tailor to a coffee shop, grocery store, or local college and advertise your abilities accordingly! Engage with your clients and form a lasting beneficial relationship.

In short, the foundation of our business, as with most businesses is solid information. We need information about consumer demand, information that can streamline basic processes, and we need to distribute information that may help our customers be successful. Condé never plans to stop growing. For that to be true, we have to provide our customers with everything they need in order to be successful. After all, “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.” -Michael LeBouf

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