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Our Fresh New Product! Condé Air Fresheners

Published on April 30th, 2019

Whether covering up a funky smell or just wanting a little extra freshness, scents are widely useful and although scent isn’t often considered “giftable”, the reality is they are a very personal item! For those of us who are routinely trapped in the candle isle, breathe deeply in book stores, and don’t consider our car clean until we hang a new fragrance, Condé has the perfect idea, Sublimatable Felt Air Fresheners!

We have opened this line with three shapes, rectangular (sheets of 8), circular (sheets of 6), and square (sheets of 6). The products come with elastic string for hanging and individual bags to keep the scent trapped. Now, not only will your sublimated pieces look incredible, they can smell great too! Condé understands that this is marriage of senses is new to most of our clients so decided to create an instructional guide.

We rapidly sold out of air fresheners not realizing how high in demand they would be! Fortunately, we have a massive shipment coming and are monitoring demand closely so it doesn’t happen again. After you follow the sublimation instructions, scent with essential oils. Below are instructions for Scenting and Packaging. Although essential oils smell great by themselves I included a few basic scent combinations for you to customize and get started.

Scenting and Packaging

The Air Fresheners are incredibly easy to scent. We tested them with a bottle of lavender essential oils and were really impressed with how much they held. The Air Fresheners MUST BE scented after sublimation. There are many reasons for this which include being potentially harmful to your press, excessive moisture ruining your image, and making undesirable scents! Once your pieces are sublimated you can attach the elastic string with a simple knot. From there, add several droplets of essential oil which absorbs through the image quickly and immediately place in plastic bag to prevent scent form escaping. Viola! We recommend, if using a combination of oils, to mix the oils together before applying them to the Air Freshener. This keeps the scent consistent throughout the product. Here are a few combination ideas to get you started:

1.) Tea Tree & Eucalyptus - Rejuvenating

2.) Lemon & Basil - Clean Fresh scent

3.) Chamomile & Lavender – Relaxing

4.) Grapefruit, Tangerine, & Lime – Energizing

5.) Orange & Rose – Romantic

6.) Sandalwood & Sage – Masculine

                I know you’re going to have as much fun with these as we are, and we look forward to seeing your creations in our client gallery! Let creativity be your guide. Happy scenting!

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