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Road to Sublimation Success - Supercharge Your Profits with New Products

Published on January 24th, 2020

So, do you know what the secret to sublimation is? It’s the personalized products we as businesses sell! To the customer, a beautifully imaged product is the one thing that counts. Although we understand their roles in the process, the printer, ink, heat press, and time spent behind the computer screen are unimportant to customers wanting truly unique personalized gifts.

Today, with the tremendous success of sublimation, there are thousands of substrates to decorate — but it’s never enough. If you have a sublimation system, your goal should be to always max out your bandwidth with new products. If you don’t have a sublimation system, there has never been a better time to get on the Road to Sublimation Success. Let’s take a look at some of the new and exciting substrates.


Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, this new line of necklaces and earrings is made from natural shells that are coated and then polished to a gloss finish. With a unique look and feel that is unlike any other substrate, shell jewelry is an example of a perfect product that combines a low cost with a high-perceived value. The round, oval, square, rectangle, heart, and fan-shaped pendants can be made into earrings or necklaces depending on which you prefer. Design ideas include monograms, family photos, and colorful classic or modern art designs.


Ideal for those chilly morning walks, this new quarter-zip pullover is sublimation certified and comes in your choice of Arctic blue or pearl gray. A dark-colored carbon is also available that’s suited for use with Siser’s EasySubli HTV (heattransfer vinyl). The pullovers are constructed of a 90% polyester and 10% spandex PureTech fabric that is moisture wicking and features UPX50+ sun protection. Create unique designs for adventure lovers, team sports, and for those working outdoors.


Home décor is one of sublimation’s hottest product categories. With recent additions such as textured hanging photo panels and table toppers with cork bottoms, Unisub has expanded the category even further by introducing wall panels with two pre-drilled holes and an included gray grosgrain ribbon for hanging. The 1/4- inch hardboard panels are available in an 8-by-10-inch rectangle, 15 1/2-by-5.7-inch rectangle, and 9 1/2-by-11 1/2-inch banner shapes, and feature a black edge and backside for a nice finished look. A welcome addition to any kitchen, bathroom, hallway, office, or dorm room, these versatile pieces can be decorated with funny messages, family sayings, or treasured photos celebrating life’s many special occasions.


These new dry-erase speech bubbles are the answer to everyone’s need for better communication. The large 10-by-8.24-inch hardboard speech bubble with black edge and raw backside is a fun and creative way to leave a note at the office or on the kitchen fridge — simply attach magnets to the back after imaging. A smaller 3-by-2.47-inch size is also available that can be used as a party invitation or save-the-date card.


Made of a high-temperature sublimatable plastic that’s rugged and durable, Julep double-walled polymer tumblers can be decorated with vibrant, full-color photographs and artwork using a convection oven and SubliShrink shrink wrap film sleeves (sold separately). The 15-ounce latte-style tumbler with removable black lid can be decorated from top to bottom for a unique drinkware item with a high-perceived value. The 30-ounce tumbler with removable black lid features two separate imprintable areas including a large top section and a smaller octagon-shaped bottom section.


Drink coasters, much like drinkware, continue to grow in sales each year. Just recently, textured surface coasters and rustic edge coasters were introduced to keep up with our clients’ need for something different and exciting. Now, we’re adding a modern 3.46-by-3.97-inch hexagon and a fashionable 3 3/4-inch scalloped circle to the mix. Both of the new .125-inch hardboard shapes have black edges, cork bottoms, and are coated by Unisub’s durable and scratchresistant coating that gives imaged coasters a long life. Keep in mind that people like to have plenty of coasters on hand when entertaining... offer a special price on an entire set. Coasters are also a great specialty advertising item for businesses of all types.


For those that want a personalized street sign or parking sign to decorate a home entertainment area, kid’s room, dorm room, business/restaurant, or office cubicle, these new aluminum signs are sure to be a hit. The 18-by-4-inch mini street sign and the 8-by-12-inch parking sign are also a great item to sell to gift shops decorated with local themes and designs. Available with two pre-drilled mounting holes or without, these single-sided .025-inch-thick aluminum blanks are made in the USA and provide unique shapes that can also be used for a variety of indoor signage needs.


Now available in 10 1/2-by-15-inch and 12-by-18-inch sizes, poly linen garden flags with double-ply fabric (for two-sided flag designs) are a unique way to add a family name, monogram, holiday greeting, or patriotic message to any lawn, garden, or entryway. The best part? You can sell your customers an entire collection of flags for year-round enjoyment. The new poly linen garden flags combine the rustic appeal of natural-colored linen with the full-color imaging capabilities of dye-sub transfer. An attractive wrought-iron garden flagpole that fits both flag sizes is sold separately.


There is one important point that I like to make when it comes to deciding which products you sell: do not let your opinions get in the way of making money. Your like or dislike for a product has absolutely nothing to do with your customers’ desire to buy it. I strongly recommend you check out new product videos as an effort to continuously expand your product knowledge and offerings. Meanwhile, keep improving your artwork designs, look at new trends, and of course, follow the money to new and profitable sublimatable products.

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