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Top 5 Pet Merch Ideas to Wow Customers and Build your Sublimation Business

Published on October 6th, 2021

Pet lovers will do almost anything for their beloved animals. Consumers spent more than $95 billion on their pets in 2019 & 2020 and that number is only expected to grow in the coming years. That’s why pet businesses everywhere are looking for new ideas to wow customers and stand out from the crowd with merchandise that consumers want. 

Our recommendation? Develop the best pet sublimation merchandise to serve your community and interested customers. It serves the double purpose of earning additional revenue for your business and promoting your organization at the same time.  Check out our 5 Sublimation pet merch ideas that will wow your customers and boost your business.

5. Sublimation Pet Collars & Leashes


Remind your customers about your brand every time they take beloved pets out for a walk with our sublimation pet collars. While the space available for design is more limited on collars and leashes, it's ideal to include repeated words or the logo of your organization along with your brand colors. 

Be sure, when you offer these pet business merchandise options, that you offer a variety of sizes, colors, and designs to choose from. 

You may also consider offering a variety of leash types. For instance, you can brand the handle of a retractable leash or the length of a standard one. Or, you may offer harnesses in addition to collars for owners who prefer that option to walk their pets. 

Check out our product line of sublimation pet collar & leashes here:


4. Sublimation Pet Bowls


These bowls are perfect for personalized dog bowls or personalized cat bowls. Conde Systems offers both small and large sublimation pet bowls, so no matter the size of your beloved pet, There's a pet bowl with the ability to have their name on it. Makes for a great personalization gift.


3. Sublimation Pet Scarves


Bandanas are perfect pet business merchandise ideas that can be useful for both animals and humans alike. While humans may decide to sport these multi-functional articles on their heads or as a face mask, pets can sport them around their necks. 

When you have a winning design, offer matching pairs so that customers can match their pets in their choice of attire. Variations on cute phrases like “Who’s walking whom?” or “Meet my adopted human.” are always winners for these simple merchandise designs.


2. Sublimation Pet Tags


Looking for some fun and convenient uses for your pet tags?

There are lots of different handy and creative uses for pet tags, aside from the obvious.  Alert your customers to consider the following ideas.

- Use the dog tags as a ID tag for your pet.

- Use the dog tags as a recovery tag for your pet.  Some owners print their address & number onto tags in case of lost pets.

- Use the dog tags as a medical alert for your pet.




1. Sublimation Pet Shirts



T-shirts are one of the most popular ways that businesses can promote their brand and earn some additional profit. Pet Businesses have the unique opportunity to offer T-shirts for both humans and pets alike, even matching sets! 

Make sure to incorporate your business’s brand directly on your T-shirts. This means you should incorporate your logo somewhere on the material and use images and styles that align with the vibe of your business. 

The design opportunities for T-shirts are only limited by the extent of your own creativity. 


Wrapping Up 

Your pet business is an important part of your community. It allows you and your customers to care for and love furry friends! Getting the word out about the opportunities you offer and building a brand name that people can trust is never an easy feat, but branded pet business merchandise can help. 

The list above is only a starting point. You can get as creative as you want when it comes to choosing your merchandise items, designing them, and promoting your business to the public. Allow us at Conde Systems to assist in your Sublimation Pet Product needs.  Visit for all our sublimation pet products available to you.  





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