YETI? Huggers!

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hugger Keeping up with the trends of 2016, we now carry huggers for almost all of the insanely popular YETI? and equally trendy RTIC? cups, bottles, and tumblers. With a white surface adhered to an inner Neoprene rubber beverage insulator, decorating them is a possibility without voiding the manufacturer?s warranty like with other, non-removable decoration methods. These huggers also allow you to change the style of your Yeti and RTIC products quickly and easily! They come in all sizes and are a great way to personalize this super popular product. It also fits short and tall promotional cups as well as ice cream pints! They help keep your grip on the product, preventing any drops or slips that may damage your Yeti or spill your drink. These huggers enhance the style and provide extra comfort for extended use. We know that sublimation technology dyes the fabric instead of just printing an image on the surface, so the images on the huggers will last as long as the hugger itself. Some popular designs for these include monograms, names, logos for professional sports teams, and feminine patterns. Everyone wants the newest and trendiest accessories to help them stand out, this is the perfect product to give your Yeti that little bit of color and personality it?s been missing.