Sharpie STAINED Pens for Reveal-S Decoration

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Did you know that it is possible to color and design with Sharpie Stained Pens and transfer to a cotton shirt with Vivid Chemical Reveal-S Sublimation-to-Cotton film? This method is an amazing way to personalize t-shirts, not only for talented artist but also for elementary and pre-schools! Instead of printing a design onto the film you can draw the design yourself, no printer needed!

Here are specific tips for success using the Sharpie Stained pens on Reveal-S:

- Color with long strokes, trying not to overlap the strokes. The pen strokes will transfer just as they appear on the film.

- Do not color the image using a back and forth motion as you would with crayons. This method will disrupt the emulsion on the film, resulting in a very sloppy appearance.

- Shake the pen from time to time to keep the ink flowing.

-Keep a small scrap piece of paper handy to clean the tip of the pen when necessary. If the emulsion builds up a bit on the pen, give a slight shake and wipe the tip on the paper to remove any contamination. The ink should flow more freely after cleaning.

-Be patient; if you color too fast, it will look sloppy!

-Transfer the image using the exact same settings as with sublimation ink; 385 F, 18 sec, heavy pressure.

-The recommended wash instructions are the same as sublimation inks, as well.


Contact your Conde sales representative to order your own pack of Reveal-S film and try out this cool new method on your own!