Travel Wrap Roll Bag

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If you are looking for a product to offer that is stylish, convenient, and easy to sublimate, this is the product for you!!! Our travel wrap roll bag is the perfect gift, but once you see how great they look, you will want one for yourself! The sublimatable panel on the front is white or white with glitter. Yes, we said GLITTER! The rest is a black Moleskin soft cosmetic and toiletries rolled travel bag with a plastic pocket, net pocket, zipped compartments and a Velcro closure. It is 25" x 12.75" and the imaging area is 12" x 5 7/8".  Our prices for this product are as high as $9.67 each, but the retail value of the finished product on a site like can be up to $40 each!


This product is perfect for storing makeup, crafting supplies, school supplies, jewelry, small tools and more!


You can market this product to any demographic of your choice! Schools, sports teams, dancers, carpenters, senior citizens, or nurses could all find a use for this product. A carpenter may use several small tools and equipment while on the job such as nails, screws, masks, gloves, and bolts. A dancer would need a bag for makeup, tights and hair accessories for recitals. A great way to sell several of these at a time is to go to a team or school, show them why they need this product, and give them an example of what it would look like if they ordered from you for some of their teams.


This product is so handy and versatile, it almost sells itself. However, you must make sure that your designs and artwork reflect what your desired demographic would want. A sorority might want a floral pattern with their Greek letters or names on them, while a boys basketball team might want an athletic themed bag with their names and mascot. It is always okay to branch out and try to offer your products to different age groups, especially with a product this awesome.


Check out our youtube channel for a tutorial on the best and easiest way to press this product.


The instructions for pressing this product are as follows:




20 seconds

Press Time:

60 seconds


Light to Medium

Additional Items:

Lint Roller

Recommended Paper:

DyeTrans Multi-Purpose or TexPrint for good results.


1) Lint roll the white/glitter part of the bag.

3) Place protective paper on top of the bottom rubber platen. Place bag on top, with the white side face-up and cover with a sheet of protective paper. Be sure the rest of the bag hangs off the side of the press. 

4) Preheat. 

5) Discard the protective sheet.

6) Lint roll while warm.

7) Remove from the press and allow to cool.

8) Pro Spray the transfer then apply it face down onto the white or glitter part of the bag.

9) Place a protective sheet of paper on the bottom platen and then place the flap, imaging side face-up, on top of the protective sheet.

10) Cover the back of the transfer paper with a protective sheet and close the press.

Clean flaps with baby wipes. Washer/dryer may damage the product.

Be sure to close the press slowly to prevent the image from shifting under the press.

When using Pro Spray, apply the minimum amount possible.