A new kind of art

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An article by: Brian Payne

Art has been my lifelong obsession. I am a watercolorist by trade and use a high saturation of color in my work that keep my customers always looking for what is new in my world. Several themes within my art have a running series of characters and I have found them to be quite popular as people love to collect them. 

But I also found that in today’s world, not everyone can afford or even has the space to display my traditional art. They are in need of smaller and affordable items to give as gifts as well as collect for themselves. That is, art that’s  “giftable” or functional can allow them permission (in their minds) to buy art. 

That is where sublimation has proven to be the tool I use to make it happen. About two years ago, I started to offer my usable and giftable sublimation products and my sales grew steadier. Soon after, I took the plunge, called Christy at Conde and invested wholly in equipment of my own and haven’t looked back. Ornaments, mugs and coasters have seamlessly bridged the gap I had with both repeat and new customers. Many people now have a newfound connection with me whenever they sip a coffee or tea, or decorate their Christmas tree. 

Looking for more ways to showcase my art, sublimation has been a great addition to my business. I feel it will continue to be a key to Brian D.  Payne Studio’s success allowing me more freedom to create and offer both wholesale and retail products.