Tech Tips: Water Bottles, Camp Mugs and More

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By: Ben McLeod

We have been sublimating drinkware at Conde for years and we thought it best to share some our best practices for getting perfect results, every time. Often the best learning tool are the mistakes we make along the way. Here are somethings we’ve learned through trial and error.

Water Bottle Mistake 1

The ghosting at the bottom of this water bottle was caused by the transfer shifting and continuing to cook on the hot surface. To prevent this, we recommend the following:

  1. Use heat tape on non-imaging portions of the transfer to prevent the transfer from shifting.
  2. Remove the transfer after cooking and do not let the transfer drop back onto the hot surface.

The top right corner is not completely cooked. You can see white, grey, and black all mixed in that section. To prevent this, we recommend the following:

  1. While your heat press is turned off and cool calibrate the pressure of the press so that the rubber of the press has consistent contact all the way around.
  2. Consult the instructions to see if your product needs a heat conductive rubber pad. The rubber pad helps thinner items get good contact with the mug press.
  3. Make sure your image is not too large. If the heating element is only partially touching an area your image will come out like the mug above.


Camp Mug Mistake 1

The greyscale at the top and the skin tone on the left side of this image are undercooked.

To prevent this, we recommend the following:


1) You may not have the pressure quite right. On the next attempt increase the pressure slightly.

2) You may need to increase your dwell time. Increase the time by 30 seconds on your next run.

3) Your press may not be at the correct temperature. If possible check your press temp with a pyrometer and calibrate. In either case you will need to increase the press temperature.

*Be careful with these 3 tips. Only do one of them.


Water Bottle Mistake 2

The bottom of this camp mug is slightly curved. The transfer partially imaged in some areas. To prevent this, we recommend the following.

  1. You are trying to image too low. Decrease the height of your image and or move the transfer up slightly. The paper is not able to lay flat on the curved areas and the paper is wrinkling in the pattern you above.

Camp Mug Mistake 2

If you look closely at the solid colors, you will see a vertical pattern. To prevent this, we recommend the following.

  1. You are using too much pressure. Reduce the pressure on your next run. Look at the pattern in the picture above and look at the pattern in the green rubber of your DK3.


The perfectly sublimated camp mug

The perfectly sublimated water bottle