Corel for Dye Sublimation: Tracing a Simple Logo with the Bezier Tool

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By Steve Spence Creating logos in CorelDRAW can range from as simple as importing a bitmap to having to redraw it from scratch. Importing is easy enough but drawing one yourself can be daunting at best.   Of course some logos and other artwork are just so complex, you should never consider attempting it. For these, it becomes the responsibility of the customer to provide reasonable quality art. But sometimes, more often than not in my shop, it is just as simple to redraw a logo as to jump through all the hoops of going back to a client and telling them why they have to provide a quality logo and them searching for something you know they have, but for them, is like searching for a needle in a haystack.   Simple logos are often so easy to reproduce, even from very bad originals, it just isn’t worth the time or trouble of going back to the customer. Sure, you can charge them if you want to and sometimes we do, but most of the time, our concern is getting the job out the door. The more time we waste trying to educate the customer, the more the job costs to do – remember, time is money. If I can redraw a logo in five minutes, it is cheaper than making a half dozen phone calls or playing the texting game for two days. The only text I want to send to my customers is, “Your job is ready – bring money!”.   The easiest way I know to draw these logos is to make use of the Bezier Tool and actually trace the artwork. Add to that the snap-to features included with guidelines, and many logos can be created in just a few minutes.   Best of all, when I draw logos in this way, I can enlarge and shrink them to whatever size I need since they are vector art and not a bitmap. This also means that when the customer calls and asks for a copy of their logo, I have every right to charge for it. A high enough price will keep them from shopping other companies in the area and since most shops can’t do what I can do, I retain my customers.   To learn about using the Bezier Tool to draw a logo, check out “Tracing a Simple Logo Using the Bezier Tool” on your CondeTV.   Image from