Dye Sublimation Design: Duplicating Objects in CorelDRAW

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By Steve Spence OK, this is pretty basic stuff but if you are just starting in Corel the basics are pretty important. So, hit Control+D and it duplicates whatever you have selected, right? Right. But, there is a lot more you can do with the duplication capability in Corel as well. You can control where it duplicates the object to. You can create patterns or even art by duplicating objects. If you use the Blend tool, which is really just a duplication tool, you can create objects that change from one color to another. Sure, Control+D gets the job done but by adding knowledge of the Options menu, you can control where multiple copies of an object fall on the page. No more click and drag trying to get objects where you want them. Nail them into the right spot first time, every time with just a couple of key strokes. Want to play with perspective? Ah, there too, the duplication tool can do the trick. Just change the size of the first copy and continue to hit Control+D and watch your copies become smaller and smaller with each copy. Of course it works with enlargements too! It is one of the first things we must learn in Corel. You will use it thousands of times. It is one of the most basic tools we have. Check it out for yourself by going to CondeTV and click on “Dye Sublimation Graphics - CorelDRAW, The Basics: The Duplication Tool”.