Dye Sublimation Glass Nail Files Make Great Gifts!

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March 13th, 2012 By Steve   One of the most interesting products in the Conde catalog has got to be the glass nail file. You can find it on the website by searching for “nail file”.   The question with this product is “What do you do with it”? Now, I know you file your nails with it but how do you sell it? As an individual gift item, you probably won’t sell very many but if you market it for bulk sales, you should be able to sell them in lots of ten or more.   Here’s the idea: Consider this product for wedding parties. Every woman loves a good nail file and my wife tells me this one is the best. So, there you go; a personal testimony from someone who has every kind of nail file ever conceived of.   Seriously, they really are nice files and they are easy to imprint. Check out CondeTV for the specifics.   Potential Markets for multiple sales:   Wedding parties: Either for the Bride’s Maids or even as a table gift for every lady present. Schools: These make a great item for school bookstores to sell with the school mascot imprinted on it. Hospitals; Doctor’s Offices (Dentists, Chiropractors, Therapists, etc.): An majority of the people who work in these facilities are women. Doctors, nurses, receptionists, etc. Salespeople who cater to these groups would do well to invest in this product because once given, it will stay around for a long, long time. Unlike the junky promotional pens and the like, these will have a long life of reminding people who you are and what you’re selling. Another application for this market is to use them as Nurse’s Appreciation Day or some other holiday or celebration.   Pricing:   When selling as an Individual Sales Item: I suggest you sell the imprinted files singly for 19.95. Consider selling the files 2 for $30. That’s a 25% discount and almost doubles your profit.   When selling as a fundraiser: I would encourage your client to sell these as a fundraiser for $19.95. This allows you to sell them for $12.99 and still make almost $10 on each one while your client makes $7 on each one and takes no risk and makes no investment – now that’s a great deal!   Want to grow your business? Consider using these as gifts to your lady clients. Put your contact information on the file and present it as a $20 gift. A business card may be nice but this will item will be used and carried for a very long time – that’s what marketing is all about!   PRICING: Your cost on these is roughly $3.50 each or $3.00 in lots of ten.   Retail: Consider $19.95 with a simple image. $24.95 with an image & text or two images.   Quantity Sales: For small quantities, you can drop to $15.95. For larger quantities, consider $12.95.   Wholesale: For small quantities, you can drop to $15.95. For larger quantities or your better clients, consider $12.95.