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accucutter® TruSquare Alignment Aid

accucutter® TruSquare Alignment Aid

Item #: MC-TS101

Made in the USA

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accucutter® TruSquare™ Alignment Aid, helps prevent slippage by cutting action, invaluable when running a large set. The Tru-Square also serves as a front gauge and is an aid for making accurate, repetitive plaques.When material is cut on a shear, it can creep or move from the cutting force of the shear. A Tru-Square helps prevent this. When installed, it forms a right angle with the ruler and is parallel to the blades. As the material is cut, the cutting force pushes it into the Tru-Square. The material cannot move, and creep is eliminated. The Tru-Square also serves as a front gauge and is an invaluable aide for making accurate, repetitive plaques. Click her to order the Guide and the Step Ruller Combo, TS101A.

Weight: 3.00 lbs

Wholesale Pricing

$ 44.95 - 1 and up May be ordered in any quantity from our AL Warehouse

For orders of $2,000 or more. Cart must meet minimum price threshold and contain one piece of equipment for the application to process.

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Item Number: MC-TS101
Weight: 3.00
Minimum Qty: May be ordered in any quantity
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