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Stainless Steel Mug Sublimation Instructions

Item #: SSMUG15-W

Required Accessories:


PowerDriver Users:




Hover transfer under open heat press for 10 seconds to dry excess moisture.

Oven Instructions:
1. Affix design to mug using heat tape
2. Cover mug with protective paper
3. Place DYEWRAP05 around mug
4. Place in oven for 10 minutes at 375°
5. Remove from oven
6. Remove DYEWRAP from mug
7. Place on Koolplate or fan to cool

Mug Press Instructions:
1. Secure transfer to the Mug using Heat Tape.
2. Surrond with protective paper.
3. Place Mug in Mug Press.
4. Press for 2 minutes at 375°.

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