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3.8.19 FB Live News

Spring is Here: And So Are Our New Products ~ 3.22.19


-March Flash Sale - We've got tons of new products on Flash Sales now through 3.31.19. Also, great sales on FOREVER FlexSoft colors now until 3.18.19 




-Upcoming Tradeshows -


-Print Servises - We offer print and transfer services to our distributors and current Conde customers to help you serve your customers better. If you have a request that is a little too large for your production abilities, are having temporary equipment problems, or even just want to offer products that are too large (ChromaLuxe panels, floor mats, bath towels, baby blankets, etc) for your current equipment to handle, Conde Systems can help fullfil those orders for you.


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-Monthly Mystery Sale – Call your Condé rep to find out what it is!


-Conde & Sawgrass Present: Tips for Home-business Operations – Weddings, April 9, 2019

4pm EDT / 3pm CDT / 2pm MDT / 1pm PD - Though a home-based sublimation business location is fairly inexpensive to operate, there are still a variety of issues that need to be dealt with such as the lack of visibility and environmental challenges.  This eye-opening presentation will help you understand the challenges of using your home as a business location as well as some creative solutions for overcoming them. 


-Tips for Business Management - Though hard to imagine, there was a time when no one knew what sublimation was! However, for twenty-seven years Conde has been growing the sublimation industry by providing screen printers, engravers, photographers, embroiderers, and artists the transfer systems, imprintable products, educational videos, and technical support needed to be successful within this profitable industry. For this article, I’d like to reflect on the management practices that have helped us get to this level of success. Hopefully, you are already incorporating some of the same methods into your own business management. Read more! 


-Taking the Big Business Plunge - Starting your own business is a daunting endeavor. There are a million ways you can overanalyze a situation and an unbelievable amount of “what ifs” that can flood your mind, but for those of us who feel like we have plenty to offer and can find a way to shelve our anxiety, there is plenty to be gained. If you aren’t dependent on your print company and consider it more of a hobby than an income, this may not be relevant to you. However, if you enjoy sublimation and want to grow your business into something that is not only self-sufficient, but actively growing and gaining income, now could be the perfect time to do so. Read More!


-What Your Need for Spring - Living on the Gulf Coast, we are usually either too hot or too cold. Because we are only able to celebrate mild weather for a short amount of time, we get overly excited when Spring is near. Our local beaches begin to warm, plants start blossoming, and us gardeners start planting our gardens. Spring is unrivaled in its perfection! With so much seasonal excitement, it's time for you to start stocking up on our most popular warm weather items for sublimation transfer. Read More!


-Client Gallery Contest


Products Pressed 3.8.19

New Products:

SSMUG15-W Travel Coffee Mug $6.66-$6.96 365° 2 min DK3 365° 5 min oven w DYEWRAP05

SSWG12-W Wine Tumbler White $6.07-$6.35 325° 5 minutes 

SSWG12-S Wine Tumbler Silver $6.07-$6.35 325° 5 minutes

U60105 House Shaped Magnet $.94-$1.02 400° 60s med

U60106 Round Rustic Edge Magnet $.94-$1.02 400° 60s med

U60107 Square Rustic Edge Coaster $2.19-$2.41 400° 60s med

U60113 Rectangle Rustic Edge Magnet $1.38-$1.52 400° 60s med

U60114 Round Rustic Edge Coaster $1.54-$1.69 400° 60s med


Other Products: 

SHOT01 2 oz Shot Glass $.97-$1.35 400° 15 min

JDW753 PolyLinen Oven Mit $3.03-$3.94 400° 50 s Med Teflon on bottom

JDW754 PolyLinen Pot Holder $1.83-$2.38 400° 50 s Med Teflon on bottom



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