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3.8.19 FB Live News


St. Patrick's Day 3.8.19


-March Flash Sale - We've got tons of new products on Flash Sales now through 3.31.19. Also, great sales on FOREVER FlexSoft colors now until 3.18.19 



-Upcoming Tradeshows - https://dyetrans.com/conde_tradeshow_schedule_2018


-Print Servises - We offer print and transfer services to our distributors and current Conde customers to help you serve your customers better. If you have a request that is a little too large for your production abilities, are having temporary equipment problems, or even just want to offer products that are too large (ChromaLuxe panels, floor mats, bath towels, baby blankets, etc) for your current equipment to handle, Conde Systems can help fullfil those orders for you. https://dyetrans.com/sublimation_fulfillment


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-Monthly Mystery Sale – Call your Condé rep to find out what it is!


-Conde & Sawgrass Present: Making Money with Sublimation – Weddings, March 14, 2019


The wedding experience, from engagement, to gifts, to ceremonies, to celebration provides a myriad of opportunities for personalized digitally decorated products. Tune in to learn about the cycles of the wedding experience, the typical products that you can produce and how to market to this $2.3 billion per year industry.


-Taking the Big Business Plunge

Starting your own business is a daunting endeavor. There are a million ways you can overanalyze a situation and an unbelievable amount of “what ifs” that can flood your mind, but for those of us who feel like we have plenty to offer and can find a way to shelve our anxiety, there is plenty to be gained. If you aren’t dependent on your print company and consider it more of a hobby than an income, this may not be relevant to you. However, if you enjoy sublimation and want to grow your business into something that is not only self-sufficient, but actively growing and gaining income, now could be the perfect time to do so. https://dyetrans.com/236-taking-the-big-business-plunge


-Client Gallery Contest


New Products


-AC1-1625 - Sublimation Blank Pet Collar, 16x25 - https://dyetrans.com/details.php?item_no=AC1-1625


-AC34-1220  12x20 DyeTrans Sublimation Dog Collar https://dyetrans.com/details.php?item_no=AC34-1220


-AC58-1012 Sublimation Blank Pet Collar, 10x12 https://dyetrans.com/details.php?item_no=AC58-1012


Products Pressed 3.8.19


-FLAG08 DyeTrans® 12x18 Extra Large Single Ply Garden Flag - without Pole, One-Sided.




-CC16 DyeTrans® Sublimatable Token or Poker Chip





-JW12 DyeTrans Sublimation Blank Bottle Opener - 1.5" x 2.8" - Card Style



-U4434 Unisub Sublimation Blank Aluminum Ornament - 2.97" x 3.95" Beer Stein w/Ribbon




-SHOT01 - DyeTrans Sublimation Blank Ceramic Shot Glass - 2oz





-SUSL047 SubliSlate Sublimation Blank Slate Coaster - 4" - Round