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AccuCutter 3001 Guillotine Shear and Replacement Blades

The 3001 Guillotine Shear was originally designed in 1999. The first one was a 13" shear and continues in use in accucutter's shop. The basic design has remained unchanged since that original shear and is now available in either a 13", 19" or 25" size; and in manual or air powered versions. The 3001 shears are constructed to industrial standards, and the resulting mass of the shears contributes significantly to their performance. If you have worked with industrial equipment, you know that the heavier, sturdier equipment is more stable and less fatiguing to operate. Depending on the size, the 3001 shears weigh from 85 to 150 pounds. Most of the weight is in the guillotine action that is made primarily of steel. Once that mass is put in motion, it wants to continue contributing to the ease and smoothness of the operation of the shear. While lighter weight designs can move during use and be difficult to use, the 3001 does not have these problems. The shears cut foils, aluminum and plastic with little or no effort. Even the most timid operator can cut harder materials like half-hard trophy brass producing full width cuts that are flat and square. The 3001 Series was designed and developed by accucutter® and is an accucutter exclusive. The shears are made in the USA entirely of American materials. They offer the extra precision and power of a larger commercial guillotine shear in a smaller, more affordable bench shear that provides convenience and flexibility unavailable in any other shear on the market. “Flip-Up Hold-Down” Accucutter®’s exclusive “Flip-Up Hold-Down” is standard on all standard 3001 shears. When in the down position, it automatically applies pressure to the material to facilitate smooth, accurate cutting. When necessary, the hold-down may be flipped up out of the way to permit easy access to the blades. Reversible Action Most people working with smaller shears prefer a guillotine shear that cuts from the “left to right“ while most people working with larger shears are accustomed to a guillotine shear that cuts from “right to left”. To accommodate both, the 3001 may be set up to cut in either direction. The direction of the action is set at the time of initial assembly and may be changed at any time by following the instructions in the Operator’s Manual. The reversible action feature is unique to accucutter®’s 3001. Movable Handle The shear handle may be installed on the left or right of the shear enabling right handed and left handed operators to use the same shear. The handle may be moved easily and independently of the shear cutting action discussed above. Reversible Precision Drop-Off Bar The Precision Drop-Off Bar is full width (12" or 18") and is an invaluable aid for making accurate, repetitive cuts. It has two mounting positions. It may be mounted to the top blade carrier. In this position it moves up and down with the top blade like the rear gauge on many larger guillotine shears. In upper position the rear gauge is above the material and doesn't interfere with the material as it falls away from the shear after it is cut. It also may be mounted to the bottom blade carrier in a fixed position like the rear gauge for most scissors type shears. In this position, it does not move with the upper shear blade, but can interfere with the material clearing the machine after it is cut. It slides on two alignment rods and is locked in position by turning a knob on each rod. Step Ruler The typical ruler is a stamped piece of thin metal. The ruler from accucutter® is machined from a thick, solid piece of steel. There are six separate steps involved in its manufacture with the last being a precision grinding of the front edge to insure that the ruler is straight and true. Because of its thickness, it is very stable, and the edge will not lift or distort allowing material to slide underneath the ruler. Lastly, the ruler is stepped to place the measuring edge close to the work surface for easier reading. The ruler is graduated in 1/16th's of an inch. Blade Adjustment The standard 3001 uses the same blade system pioneered by accucutter® on its 2001 Bench Shear. The blades are mounted with tapped bolts rather than the old fashion nut and bolt system, and the bottom blade is adjusted with set screws instead of eccentrics. A much safer, quicker and simpler method of installing and adjusting the blades.

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