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OKI Pro8432WT White Toner Digital Transfer Printer

The Pro8432WT provides HD-quality color digital transfer output for apparel, hard goods and a wide range of promotional materials. It features advanced, best-in-class white toner technology with solid opacity and CMY color. The Pro8432WT is a compact, affordable device that features a straight-through print path and high-efficiency material handling for ease of operation and lower cost-of-ownership.

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Versatile and cost-effective, the Pro8432WT supports interchangeable black and white toner. This SWAP toner technology offers the unique ability for new and existing customers to accommodate both CMY + White or CMY + True Black printing – in a single printer.

Tired of compromising on designs, or worrying about how vibrant colors will look on dark materials. Now your worries are over, with the OKI Pro8432WT color printer. The Pro8432WT lets you print quickly and easily – in-house and on-demand – with results that will impress.

    Produce vibrant, high-quality color heat transfers easily and affordably
    Customized support for transfer media, so you can set up jobs quickly using familiar terms
    Eliminates trial-and-error media selection, boosting your print productivity