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C711WT White Toner Digital Transfer Printer

The C711WT, powered by OKI, provides the ability to print in breathtaking CMY color-plus-WHITE on transfer sheets that can be applied to a wide variety of substrates. Based on existing, tried-and-tested graphic arts devices, printing fabric transfer paper with the C711WT is easy and cost-effective, overcoming many challenges faced by T shirt printing designers and embroidery business professionals.

Compact and Versatile: A revolution in printing for the graphics, design and merchandising sectors, white toner printing provides a new, high-performance solution for all kinds of creative printing. From T-shirt and merchandising transfers to short-run packaging and concepts, window graphics, clear film and much more, the innovative C711WT gives graphic arts businesses access to on-demand printing and new revenue streams.

Made for Modern Embroidery: Simply layout a logo or graphic design to maximize the use of a sheet of self weeding heat transfer paper. Next, print your layout to the OKI C711WT Digital Transfer Printer just as easily as you would print to your office printer. Using a quality heat press, you can begin turning ordinary shirts into customized garments or printed promotional materials.

Decorate Light and Dark Materials: Tired of compromising on designs, or worrying about how vibrant colors will look on dark materials? Now your worries are over, with the OKI C711WT white toner laser printer. The C711WT lets you print quickly and easily – in-house and on-demand – with results that will impress. The C711WT printer is compatible with FOREVER no cut paper,  NEENAH heat transfer paper and our Condé LaserMPrints line of color laser transfer paper. Produce vibrant, high-quality color heat transfers easily and affordably in both letter (8.5" x 11") and Letter XL* (8.5" x 17") sizes!

FOREVER TransferRIP Compatibility: Use FOREVER Low Temp transfer paper with the FOREVER TransferRIP software to regulate white toner printing (reducing  T shirt printing cost) and increase wash durability. Self weeding heat transfer paper like FOREVER Laser Dark Low Temp  is an ideal alternative to slow, expensive and error-prone screen printing or inkjet processes.

Contact Condé Systems for more information and special offers available, including our Heat Press Bundle Discount on any Geo Knight heat press purchased with the OKI C711WT.

Quick Facts:
Printer Configuration: LED Printheads with CMY+W (standard)
Transfer Media Sizes: Letter (8.5" x 11") and Letter XL* (8.5" x 17")
Dimensions: 17.1"(w) x 21.5"(d) x 15.3"(h) @ 60.8 lbs.
* Letter XL size is only available in FOREVER LowTemp Laser Dark.

    C711WT White Toner Digital Transfer Printer

    Item #: 62439301

    Dimensions: 29"(W) x 22"(L) x 19.5"(H)

    C711WT White Toner Digital Transfer Printer, powered by OKI, LED Color Laser, A Size, 120 volt. Unit includes Starter (half-capacity) Toner Cartridges, Image Drums, Fuser Assembly, Transfer Belt, Power Cord and Driver CD-ROM. Sold separately: USB or Network Cable, Forever TransferRIP (79000001201). Contact Con ... continue reading

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