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Forever TransferRIP Software for OKI White Toner Printers

FOREVER TransferRIP Software, used in combination with FOREVER Transfer Media and OKI White Toner Printers, lets you produce t-shirt transfers at high resolution with finished results that are even softer than screen printed textiles. The TransferRIP software features Color Management Controls, White Toner Controls and Rasterization Options are very powerful tools for lowering your overall toner costs, increasing image durability and producing a much softer touch to transfers – especially when compared to other digital heat transfers on the market.

FOREVER TransferRIP Features:

White Toner Controls – By reducing the amount of white toner used by the OKI printer, your graphics will have better color vibrancy, a softer hand and will not crack at an accelerated rate. On average, you can save up to 25% in white toner cost per image printed by reducing the amount of white toner used. 

Image Rasterization – This feature allows you to add a “pinhole” or “break line” pattern to your printed graphic, allowing your design to “breathe” and stretch with the garment without causing cracking within the design. You can choose screening options for light and dark media. Screening for light media reduces the toner output for white and light shades of color. Screening for dark media reduces the toner output for black and darker colors. There is also a “Micro Mask” selection, which puts the pinholes or break lines in the design, but leaves all colors intact. Using Image Rasterization within the FOREVER TransferRIP can save up to 35% in overall toner costs.

Color Management Controls – The FOREVER Transfer RIP allows you to remove a process color from your design so the garment color can substitute for the process color.  So, if you have a red shirt, you can easily remove red from your design and allow the shirt color to “show through”. Also, you can easily select a process color and substitute another color with the FOREVER Transfer RIP.

Cost Calculation – This feature allows you to plug in the cost of your consumables (paper, toner, image drum, fuser and transfer belt) and calculates the exact cost to produce your graphic. The best part of this feature is you can run the cost calculator BEFORE you generate the print. The cost calculator can also generate a report in a PDF document that shows all settings used, creating an easy method to catalog your print jobs.

Underfilling – This features eliminates the “white outline” that can sometimes appear around a transferred bitmap graphic. If you have “transparent pixels” around your bitmap graphic, the OKI White Toner Printer may lay down white pixels that create a “halo” around the design. Underfilling commands the OKI not to lay down white from 1-5 pixels from the exterior of the graphic.

Supports OKI C711wt, OKI Pro8432wt and OKI ProColor C920wt (4C-Version)

Supports OKI Pro9541wt and OKI ProColor C941wt (5C-Version)

    FOREVER Transfer RIP for 9541WT

    Item #: 7900000127

    Dimensions: 7.9"(W) x 5.6"(L) x 0.6"(H)

    FOREVER 5-Color TransferRIP for the OKI Pro9541WT. Provides Color Management for Forever® Transfer Papers, Color and White Channel Controls, selective Color Correction, Cost Calculation and Single-Click Rasterization. TransferRIP Software enables OKI Pro9541WT users to produce vibrant color transfers with increased wash durabilit ... continue reading

    Wholesale Pricing

    $ 999.00 - 1 and up

    AL Multiple: 1

    Update Plan for the Forever TransferRIP Software

    Item #: 7900000123


    Forever TransferRIP UPDATE - Updates for twelve months. The updates may include new features as well as changes to increase productivity and color management. The Forever® TransferRIP (79000001201, sold separately) comes with six months of updates, after that, this is your best renewable solution to keep the RIP up to date. ... continue reading

    Wholesale Pricing

    $ 165.00 - 1 and up

    AL Multiple: 1

    Forever Transfer RIP for Oki 8432WT, C711wt C920wt

    Item #: 79000001201

    Dimensions: 7.9"(W) x 5.6"(L) x 0.6"(H)

    Forever 4-Color Transfer RIP Software - Created for OKI White Toner Printers. Works with OKI 8432WT, OKI C711WT and the OKI C920WT. Provides Color Management for Forever® Transfer Papers, Color and White Channel Controls, selective Color Correction, Cost Calculation and Single-Click Rasterization. Includes CD-ROM with security do ... continue reading

    Wholesale Pricing

    $ 599.00 - 1 and up

    AL Multiple: 1

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