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Jetcol® HTR4000 Sublimation Paper

For the very best ink saturation on soft substrates, Jetcol HTR4000 is required for selected glass substrates including textured glass cutting boards and glass coasters.

By design, Jetcol HTR transfer paper has a special coating which provides very high, 95% transfer yields. This exceptional performance is due to a special composition in the paper’s coating such that the water in the ink is absorbed beneath the coating while the dye stays on top of the coating. High transfer yields allow you to achieve excellent fine detail printing, superb uniformity and deep saturated colors for an increased color gamut when compared to normal ink jet paper.

Very high release – works only on soft products, with one exception being textured cutting board glass. If there is a requirement for more color saturation, then high release paper is the way to go. Jetcol paper represents Condé’s highest release paper available at this time.

Not compatible with the Epson C88, C120 or the Ricoh GX7000 or 5050N. Required for selected glass substrates like textured glass cutting boards and glass coasters.