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ID Badges for Sublimation Imprinting

ID tags are an ubiquitous facet of contemporary life. There will always be a need for more tags. A contract to provide ID tags for events, businesses or places can be a lucrative operation. One sure way to evolve your offerings and increase your profits is to gear the type tag to the function of the wearer. Obviously the CEO of a big company needs a polished brass name badge and the mail room fellow requires an ID tag. Have a look under Name Badges for the upscale set and under Lanyards for the casual school crowd's personal signage. Dye Sublimation offers all of the options to keep your business producing revenue for a long time to come. Whatever the ID tag is used for, the images can be coordinated with company messages and logos or made a security option with full color realistic photos to accompany pertinent information. These tags can be worn with beaded chains (sold separately) or check out the Lanyards section for other options.

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