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Unisub® Plaques for Sublimation Imprinting

So many awards are presented for so many types of activities that the range of awards has expanded to suit the possibilities. The arena of digitally imprinted plaques has many facets. Condé has found some great plaques for your business to offer to the outstanding performers in the community. Equally important are the photo plaques that bear witness to family occasions, weddings and reunions. These dual uses make plaques an integral part of a custom imprinting business, be sure to offer plaques of every size and material to appeal across a broad spectrum.

The Salesman of the Year will be impressed with a glass plaque imprinted with his photo and company logo. Likewise, the Most Valuable Player on the local football team will be thrilled to find himself presented with his photo and a team shot with their logo on a hinged two sided Chromaluxe™ piece. Both plaques serve well as awards or commemorations.

Any of Condé's plaques can serve duty as an award or as a piece of art. Many artists are flocking to dye sublimation for the ability to present their creations in attractive manners that enhance color and definition in ways that could not be imagined in the past. All that remains is to choose the medium that best presents the artist's vision.