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Seat Back Covers for Sublimation Imprinting

Imprintable seat back covers have creative uses. If you have the franchise for supplying name badges for a seminar, add on seat back covers to designate speakers or presenters chairs. Create seat back covers for judges in pageants, for special reserved seating, not to mention the star of the Dinner Theater. Then there are schools, lecture halls, and banquets; all of these places need designated seating. At sports events, sponsors can flash their logo at the crowd, just by using a canvas seat cover imprinted with a great ad. Family Reunions can create classy presentations using the same old tired dingy metal chairs outfitted with exciting and cool seat back covers emblazoned with the family name. There are loads of creative uses for these canvas seat back covers.

    Sublimation Blank Folding Chair Seat Back Cover

    Item #: FL-SCB

    Dimensions: 20" x 11.5"

    Sublimation or heat transfer imprintable Folding Chair Seat Back Cover, 20"w x 11.5"h, White, Double Ply. Shear Weave Polyester (Same material as DyeTrans™ car flags). Banquet and catering professionals can now have customized seat back covers for special celebrations and events. ... continue reading

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